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Marketing Technology

The Marketing Technologies That You Need To Keep And Invest In


As new technologies enter the market, inevitably, old ones need to go. In many cases this isn’t a choice but a consumer push out as new and improved technologies become available or there is a necessary shift within your business.

New technologies need to be embraced and existing ones need to be managed and monitored to ensure they remain cutting edge.


  • Content marketing platforms (CMP)

CMP’s facilitate a streamlined distribution of content across numerous platforms enabling a campaign to remain consistent across all of the platforms. It enables for cross-channel distribution to target various key audiences and all of the content workflow to remain in one place.

  • Enterprise Preference Management (EPM)

Marketers using EPM limit the number of wasted effort that they put into marketing by understanding the type of content that their key audiences want to see and when they want to see it. Customers who regularly see the content that they want to see and very little of the appositive will from a stronger, more positive view of the brand.

  • Cross channel campaign management (CCPM)

CCPM supports customer data management, segmentation, analytics and workflows tools that measure campaigns both on and offline. These programs have seen numerous developments over the years but with the evolution of data integration, they will need to be watchful of this technology.


  • Email service providers

Costs for email marketing have declined but the response rates have remained relatively constant making them still worthwhile. For these to continue to be effective for the long term, they will need to partner with other platforms and sites to enable for multi-channel requirements.

  • Loyalty technology platforms

Many brands use customer loyalty platforms to drive customer acquisition and retention. They create a relationship with customers and not only provide an insight into the customers buying habits and other data but also elevate customer service and product development.

Sophia Wilson

Sophia is a professional journalist with a keen eye on latest technological advancements, its details, and its participation to human beings' way of life. She received her degree in journalism from Boston University where she prospered and developed her technical abilities. She started her professional writing career as a freelance contributor to multiple websites. Today, Sophia is The Daily Scanner's Editor-in-Chief and is responsible for the daily production of the news website.

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