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If Donald Bren has an 8th child, it would be Marko Vrzic

Similar to his mentor Donald Bren, Marko Vrzic is a self-made real estate titan that permeates everything his company Vrzic does and achieves.  Marko Vrzic, the founder of the company that bears his name, is a highly successful entrepreneur with two decades of experience in the world of real estate investment.

Vrzic has developed a unique and innovative approach in negating market forces, that helps accredited and non-accredited investors to profit with his monthly cash flow generously.

When it comes to achieving financial success, Marko knows a lot about the required strategic acuity. Thankfully, he was able to answer our questions for all those looking to improve the bottom line and overall performance of their commercial firm.

Marko, what have been some of the biggest challenges or threats that Vrzic has faced thus far?

Threats are usually disguised as opportunities, so my team and I relish in those moments. As for the challenges, when you have a product that’s too good to be true, there’s always an amount of skepticism surrounding it. When you have a recession-proof strategy, it demands a lot of attention from the skeptics but also requires us to be very diligent in communicating our systemized structure that has held all the possible worst-case scenarios.

What are the key strategies in “Vrzic” and why have they been so successful?

The fundamental strategy is that we are a family-owned business, hence the difficult to pronounce name that automatically initiates the potential client to see that he/she is investing with us in the same product that is making us profitable. We have continually made a lot of money for banks and now extending an olive branch to happy minded clients to relish in our success.

How do you ascertain that your projects closeout on time? Do you use incentive programs?

1031 Exchange program should be enough of a reason to have a timely closeout giving us sometimes 60 days to purchase a new property.

What makes your investment strategy different from other companies in your industry?

We sell our properties just below the market value. At the same time, our product and quality are substantially above the asking price as our initial aim is to create speed and momentum versus staying on the market with hopes of some partial more significant profits that the market dictates.

How important is customer service to your brand value?

We are like Amazon, where we over-deliver on customer service. This over-delivery has 10X our handshaking ability of closing deals, word of mouth travels when happy clients are seeing growing profits.

How do you adapt and change your strategy in the face of different market conditions?

You don’t, strategies should always be about facing different market conditions and have only worst-case scenarios in place so that whenever something happens, there is an automatic solution. We stay ready, this way we don’t need to “get ready”.