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Vladimir Morozov started his journey into the world of business at 16

Startups around the world are popping up faster than ever before. With the idea of ‘doing it yourself in a modern world where anyone can be an entrepreneur, this trend is only going to continue. But what does it take to make that leap from a small business owner to an entrepreneur?

Vladimir Morozov is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of an IT company. He has worked with many clients and partners over the years, including Microsoft and Apple. From a very tender age, Vladimir has been interested in programming and has used his passion to create a successful business that helps support his clients. 

He helps businesses develop websites and applications, before making his startup, a distance learning platform – IQ.Academy. Vladimir uses his expertise to help other entrepreneurs around the world build their successful businesses. While talking about the possible areas of work in the field of programming and IT, he says that there is a list of many interesting areas and that it is impossible to say what the future will bring.

Having been a programmer himself, Vladimir Morozov has seen how the industry has changed and he offers his advice on how to make a successful business. He suggests that young people who are interested in this field should be well-versed in mathematics, logic, and problem-solving skills. It is also important to be versatile in the field and develop a range of skills.

His advice for young people interested in this field is to develop an interest, learn as much as they can, and practise every day. He says that the key is learning and being able to adapt so that they can be flexible. Vladimir also says that it is important not to give up if something does not work the first time around – people should be willing to try again and do things differently. Learning from mistakes is the key to success in any field, he explained.

Vladimir’s journey has inspired many people around the world. He has become a source of inspiration for many people who have decided to follow their dreams and make their businesses. Keeping up with the latest trends, he has been able to develop his expertise and move forward as a leader in his field.

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