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Varvara Vlasova: how to be a successful influencer on Instagram

More and more modern businesses are going online with their marketing campaigns, in order to better connect with their consumers. Within that same time, social media has begun to dominate the internet, giving rise to the social media influencer. Influencers have become an instantly recognizable element of social media, making them popular among businesses who seek a relevant spokesperson to promote their products or services. Though the influencer scene has many well-known and successful names, Varvara Vlasova is one name that stands out.

Varvara Vlasova is a Russian-born influencer and model who enjoys a following of over 164k followers on Instagram. Most of Vlasova’s content revolves around her showcasing her make-up and PR activities. She is also very active in the comments section of her posts, responding to her followers’ questions and interacting with them as much as she can. A passionate influencer who believes that the sky is the limit, Vlasova encourages everyone to strive to achieve any goals they want to. She shares the following tips for anyone who wishes to build a significant following on Instagram as an influencer.

  • Write a straightforward bio

A straightforward Instagram bio informs potential followers what type of content to expect from a particular account. In addition, a good Instagram bio should showcase an influencer’s personality and not simply be a bland description of the content they’re posting.

  • Develop a unique personal brand

An influencer needs to have a personal brand that clearly defines who they are. Followers should be able to recognize this personal brand instantly. A brand should display the influencer’s overall vibe, be it fashion-oriented, funny, inspirational, or relatable.

  • Maintain a positive public image

One key point that every influencer should keep in mind is that their brands/accounts are their public identities. They should protect this identity by refraining from posting inappropriate images, videos, discourteous language, or engaging in controversial debates. An influencer’s reputation is vital for attracting potential clients and keeping audience engagement levels up. No business wants to be associated with an influencer who attracts lots of negative criticism.

  • Post high-quality, engaging content

Influencers need to have a posting plan that will resonate well with their followers. Posting engaging content is essential, as influencers always need to keep their audiences eager for whatever they post next. High-quality, professionally-shot pictures and videos are essential, but content such as impromptu selfies or behind-the-scenes footage gives the audience an extra connection with the content.

  • Keep your followers engaged

For Instagram influencers, simply posting pictures or videos is not enough. The captions on each post and the responses the influencer gives in the comment section are highly important. By regularly engaging with their followers, the influencers can develop a much stronger connection to them, which helps the brands the influencers endorse resonate more with them.

Even though the tips listed about will certainly help any influencer gain an edge over their rivals, it’s also important to collaborate with others and take advantage of trending hashtags to remain relevant.