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Said Ait Bajja reflects on Sahara Sky Tours

Sahara Sky Tours is one of the most reliable and trustworthy travel agencies located in Morocco. Their team is equipped with a lot of experience in the tourism sector, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best services. They understand the value of tailoring their services to each individual, meaning they have organized trips with different lengths and budgets for large organizations, families, or friends.

Said Ait Bajja, the founder of the agency, was able to answer a few questions we had about Sahara Sky Tours.

When was Sahara Sky Tours founded? Did you have any experience in tourism before this?

Answer: Sahara Sky Tours is a licensed Morocco-based travel agency and it organizes different tours in Morocco. It was founded in 2019.  Although it is a young agency, I have been working in the tourism industry since 2005. I have lots of experience in this field. I have organized many Morocco tours and interacted with many tourists. I understand their needs and have been continuously providing high-quality tours for my clients all over the world.

What are your usual processes for booking tours and organizing client itineraries?

Answer: The process is very simple. Our agency website: has information about different tour lists departing from most of the major cities in Morocco. After tourists review the info, they can choose the tour packages depending on their schedule, flight landing city, and budget, etc. Then they will contact us through WhatsApp, email, Facebook, etc to quote for the price. We will send them detailed itineraries and the best price. Or they can simply let us know their plan. We will design the best tour package to fit their needs. When the tourists decide to book our tours, they will need to pay 20% of the cost as a deposit. The rest will be paid 2 weeks before their arriving in Morocco.

In your opinion, what makes your agency one of the most sought-after travel agencies in Morocco?

Answer: We are a team of young Berbers with lots of strengths. We are professionals who speak multi-languages and have extensive experience in the tourism field. We are very flexible in terms of itineraries, so we can always provide ideal itineraries for tourists. We have our own transportation and luxury desert camp, you can see it here We provide high-quality tours with an unbeatable price.

Sahara Sky Tours

People travel to Morocco. They not only want to see magical Sahara Desert landscaping or 9 UNESCO heritage sites, etc,  but also to experience the cultures and taste the Moroccan foods. We will bring our tourists to explore authentic Moroccan life.

What is unique about us is that in addition to professionalism, our team members are very funny and entertaining which will make the tours an unforgettable experience. The last, we are very reliable and trustful which is very important in nowadays tourism in Morocco.

How important is it that your team can speak multiple languages? Is it vital to your business’ success?

Answer: Multilingual is one of the strengths of our team. We speak 9 languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian,  Russian, German, Chinese, Arabic, and Berber. Our tourists came from different countries. When they came to Morocco, it is an unfamiliar environment. When we speak their languages, they felt much more welcomed and relaxed. They will enjoy more during the tours.

What have been some of the most painful recent challenges you have faced?

Answer: I must say that the Coronavirus Pandemic is the biggest challenge we have ever meet. It is an unprecedented situation and has a major negative impact on the travel industry all of the world and we are no exception. Morocco has locked down the country since March 15, 2020. Our business has completely stopped since then.

How do you think the industry will change, especially following the flow-on effects of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Answer: People love to travel because they like to have new experiences, to learn new things, to expand their perspective, to connect to people in other countries.  It is a very happy experience that can not be replaced by other activities. So I believe tourism in Morocco will be back to normal in the future.

However, before we completely erase the coronavirus, we have to make changes to adapt it. We will implement all the necessary methods including social distancing measures, facial masks, and enhanced hygiene. We will focus on small group tours such as family only or friends only tours. The safety of tourists is our priority.

In general, Morocco is safe because it was less impacted by the coronavirus. Morocco was closed down very early. So our infection rate and mortality are very low compared to many other countries. Now the country is reopening internally. We are waiting for the border to be opened by the government sometime soon.  I have confidence in the recovery of tourism in Morocco.

Said Ait Bajja travelling

What are your future plans for Sahara Sky Tours?

Answer: As Morocco local travel agency, we would like to expand our business in the future by collaborating with travel agencies in other countries. We are open-minded and welcome to all types of collaboration opportunities. Hopefully, we will bring more tourists from the world to come to Morocco and see our beautiful country.