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Philippe Moisan

Philippe Moisan talks about sourcing and supplying high-quality exterior cladding

Philippe Moisan is the founder of Construction P. Moisan, one of the leading suppliers of exterior cladding in the greater Quebec region. Started in 2013, the firm has a reputation for supplying the best-quality exterior cladding/exterior siding products that bring a range of benefits to any home.

Philippe was kind enough to answer a few questions about his business and what makes it unique.

Hi Philippe, can you tell us about your background and how you started with exterior cladding?

I started my business in 2013 at the age of 23. I always enjoyed doing the exterior siding when I was working as an apprentice carpenter. When I got my general contractor’s license, I quickly went into the area I knew best, exterior siding. Now, it’s been over 7 years that I have been a contractor in exterior cladding.

What are the benefits that exterior siding can bring to a building?

The main benefits of siding on a house is the waterproofing of the building as well as protecting the building. Several types of exterior cladding are available, from steel cladding to screwed architectural panels. In 2020, it is more important than ever to invest in your home, it is better to start with the exterior siding.

What do you take into consideration when selecting which suppliers to work with?

The way to choose our suppliers is simple. We test the products first with our siding installation team. Then, we test the products for a few years to make sure it works properly. We have to make sure that we sell and install the best products. Also, the supplier must ensure that he can supply the exterior siding continuously and without running out of stock on a regular basis. The manufacturer must also be in a position to deliver construction materials within a radius of 100 km.

Do you offer installation of the exterior siding?

Of course, we offer the installation of exterior cladding. Whether on a house, garage, commercial building or apartment unit, we offer installation, repair and complete renovation of the exterior siding. We install our products as well as several others on construction sites and renovation sites. From fiber cement to the steel exterior coating, we have a wide range to offer. We also offer installation of insulating panels and installation of soffits and fascias.

What do you think makes your businesses unique?

We think our business is unique for the simple reason that in addition to installing siding since 2013, we have just launched our online store. It is now possible to order your exterior cladding directly on our website. We offer a beautiful complete collection of steel siding, vinyl, soffits and architectural panels. We are unique in the way we work and do business with the client. Our impeccable way of managing construction sites make us the experts in the field.

Are you planning to expand our products or services in the future?

We plan to expand our services a little further in the Province of Quebec. First, we opened our online store this year. A lot of effort and money will be injected into it. We are also planning to install exterior siding with another team. We will have to hire several carpenter-joiners and project managers. For our online store, we will make several adjustments in the coming months to find the winning recipe and add the products at the best prices. Our products are already offered online, and we suggest visiting our website.

Thank you for your time Philippe!
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