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Zhi Ko

NekozTek founder Zhi Ko talks about the growth of the brand, investment in Fintech, and the impact of COVID

Zhi Ko is the creator of NekozTek, an impactful and rapidly growing brand in the social media and gaming space. Zhi has also made investments in the world of cryptocurrency, and Co-Created a crypto accelerator company Titan Ventures.

Zhi took some time out from his schedule to answer some of our questions.

Hello Zhi, can you give us a little background on your story as a social influencer and media specialist?

My background in social media began in the fitness industry back in 2012. Instagram was newly created, and I was able to learn and grow my account quite rapidly during this time. I decided, however, to take a hiatus from fitness and focus on my engineering career until 2017. In 2017, I began exploring the realm of cryptocurrency. I started my career as an influencer and media specialist by creating educational content around the space. I was extremely successful with my endeavour, and in 2019 I launched my incubation company, Titan Ventures, specializing in brand exposure using social media. During the end of 2019, I created another of my own brand NekozTek, which focuses on technology and gaming, rapidly growing my account by utilizing my past strategies. NekozTek has been incredible to work on, as it focuses on my two passions.

Out of Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, what do you like best about using each platform?

Out of all 3 platforms, I enjoy TikTok the most. I find TikTok fascinating, as it allows digestion of educational material for people of all ages. The one-minute videos, coupled with the editing capabilities of the apps, make it incredibly easy to produce great content.

Instagram, of course, is a staple for most people these days. I love the ease of use and sharing capabilities it possesses. I frequently share products and games that I find interesting to my followers through its story mode.

Twitter is extremely underrated, in my opinion. I love to use it, as it allows me to say exactly what I want without having to worry about getting into long drawn out arguments with strangers. Due to the text limits, it just forces people to respect your opinion, which in my opinion is fantastic.

How do you maintain engagement with such a broad audience of over 200,000 followers?

I wouldn’t say my audience is too broad. I primarily focus on the realms of technology, gaming and nerd culture. These three realms intersect a lot of the time, which allows my audience of over 200,000 followers to appreciate my content. I try to create content that fits everyone’s interest that follows me.

How did you start investment in FinTech/Bitcoin, and how did you come into your position as COO of Titan Ventures?

I started my investment into bitcoin in early 2017. My friend Nick told me about bitcoin, and I simply took a leap of faith due to my trust in him. It, fortunately, played out quite well, and I pivoted from my day to day job as a civil engineer, into an influencer/business development specialist for cryptocurrency. In 2019, after seeing rapid growth socially in the crypto space, I co-created Titan Ventures, an accelerator company that specializes in rapid brand exposure through social media.

How is the way you communicate with the cryptocurrency community different to others like the gaming community?

Fortunately, most of the cryptocurrency community play games. However, there are some key differences between the two communities. The first is primarily age. Most cryptocurrency owners are 20+ years old, as they are looking to invest in the asset class. Whereas most gamers, strictly in the gaming community, are in their teens. So, language and the overall tone is a lot softer when dealing with the gaming community. Another is cultural differences. Quite a few cryptocurrency investors would classify themselves as libertarians, whereas most strict gamers don’t pay attention to politics, mainly because of age.

How would you describe the overall effect of COVID-19 and the recent Black Lives Matter protests on your work as an influencer and media/FinTech consultant?

Covid-19 and the recent protest have drastically affected most fintech realms as development has ceased in manufacturing plans primarily. Due to the heavy population in these plans, production worldwide has been cut significantly.

However, there is one space in Fintech that grew from this world event, and that is the gaming space. Due to esports and gaming being primarily digital, the world of gaming thrived and has impacted many other industries, including social media and music. As an investor and influencer in this space, this makes things remarkably interesting, as the world becomes more digital.

Thank you Zhi for your time!
You can follow up with Zhi Ko at and connect via Instagram, TikTok or Twitter.