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Looking for ways your company can go green? The Green Living Guy is here to help

Known by his company name as The Green Living Guy, Seth Leitman has been educating business owners, policymakers and general consumers about how to transition to more sustainable, environmentally conscious technologies. Whether it be electric-powered cars or green technologies used in manufacturing production, Seth is one of the most accomplished and well-respected voices in the environmental community. There’s no doubt that you could learn a lot from Seth’s company and their services. So, what are you waiting for?

Seth’s history

Seth has been operating in the green technology space for many years now. For over 2 decades, Seth has successfully worked across several diverse industries, focusing on electric car development and even projects dealing with the management of indoor air quality in an eco-friendly manner.

Education first

Seth has always personally valued education and the importance of educating young children on the importance of transitioning to renewable, environmentally conscious energy. Because of this, Seth readily donates his book series, The Green Guru Guides, which is written in association with McGraw-Hill, to various schools and libraries across the US. Echoing his ongoing commitment to environmental security and conservation, Seth’s books are only produced using papers that have been formally approved by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Global blog

Seth’s blog consistently reaches millions of people, particularly in the United States. He believes in updating his devoted readers and followers with all the latest information and developments taking place in the space of renewable energy use. Moreover, if you want to become a well-respected voice in a specific field, you need to be well-informed. Maintaining an online blog ensures that Seth’s readers are kept informed and visa versa. The Green Living Guy’s blog space is well supported by other social media channels, like Twitter and Instagram. For example, Seth’s Twitter page has thousands of followers, and is a great place to share information, new opinion pieces and journal articles.

What can Seth help you with?

The Green Living Guy can help you with a lot of things related to renewable energy production. Indeed, Seth assists his monthly subscribers with different things relating to energy consulting, such as third-party energy audits. On top of this, he also frequently contributes to academic journals and even some government publications from the US Department of Energy.

Social media consulting

The Green Living Guy can also help you out with social media optimisation. Basically, they help customers develop their pro-green businesses using nifty social media techniques. This involves customers strengthening their online profiles using a variety of social media posts, through platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Helping companies go green

Additionally, Seth and his team are consistently helping some of the biggest companies switch to safer, more environmentally friendly sources of energy. In fact, many of the companies that have worked with The Green Living Guy have improved their financial performance by making the switch to renewable energy, so that’s an even bigger incentive to make the switch today!

How can I get started?

You can easily sign up with The Green Living Guy to receive information on eco-friendly technology. First thing’s first, check out Seth’s blog and social media posts, as this will give you a great idea as to what he produces and talks about on a weekly basis.

Additionally, check out some of the content in his book series, The Green Guru Guides. There are 9 books in total in the series, dealing with different topics and issues relating to green living practices. The topics range from electric car development, home energy audits, building your own electric motorcycle and using solar power in your home.