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James Broyhill

Storytelling with James Broyhill: How a Furniture-Maker Became a Major Brand Builder

Telling stories that resonate with readers is an art form. It is about tapping into the same shared nostalgia or humor with which an audience can identify. For James Broyhill, founder of JB by James Broyhill, sharing authentic stories is simply part of who he is.

Broyhill grew up passing the time with his family in North Carolina. He learned to build furniture with his father and grandfather, working with their hands in the family workshop. To entertain his elders, Broyhill made up stories. The environment was one of creative fusion, shaping his future to be what it is today.

Broyhill believed he would fall into the family namesake furniture-making business, continuing the Broyhill Legacy. Instead, he led his own path. He created unique furniture pieces for his own company and eventually began using his boyhood storytelling skills in his professional life.

As JB by James Broyhill, he has grown to tell his family history – and the authentic stories of other big brands – to the world.

It All Began With a Chair

Originally, Broyhill wanted to repurpose whiskey barrels into furniture as a weekend project. He thought it would be a fun thing to do, something he could be proud of when friends and family came over. It all began with a chair.

“The inspiration behind the first whiskey barrel creation developed out of a personal challenge to create something aesthetically pleasing from something of true character,” said Broyhill. “This was a one-time weekend project that I intended to display in the house and show off to friends and family. I had no idea what would come of it.”

Eventually, the original chair turned into a line of furniture, all crafted from used whiskey barrels. Broyhill began making everything from chairs and benches to light fixtures and sinks under the name of Heritage Handcrafted.

His work eventually caught the eye of high-profile whiskey brands Pappy Van Winkle and Jack Daniels because he used their barrels in his work. But what really caught the whiskey companies’ attention was Boyhill’s ability to share his own compelling story of Americana heritage along with the furniture. Thus, a public relations partnership was born.

How Creating Potent Brands Became His Profession

Broyhill’s professional career switched gears when he realized his gift for crafting powerful messages added value to other businesses. Those cultivated relationships with Pappy Van Winkle and Jack Daniels inspired his move into creative marketing and brand building.

While Jack Daniels and Pappy Van Winkle praised and purchased Broyhill’s furniture, they primarily sought out his ability to share the Americana story of whiskey and bourbon. So, Broyhill began crafting brand stories based on the values and skills the whiskey giants shared, becoming a spokesperson, brand strategist, and creative mind behind the scenes.

He has since moved beyond solely spirits brands and expanded to a wide range of clients. But his primary goal and purpose remain the same: to inspire a community surrounded by heritage, Americana nostalgia, and familial connections with his clients.

Telling Others’ Stories

Broyhill explains that many brands seeking his expertise have lost sight of what works. “Most companies are so interested in blindly sharing their products, they forget the value that a strong, united brand message and story can bring to the table,” he said.

That knowledge is why he continues to thrive as a brand manager and storyteller. With so many years of experience in many facets of business, Broyhill has become an expert at crafting authentic, touching stories surrounding the companies he works with.

Today, Broyhill’s love for American heritage and values continues to drive his success for companies whose priorities align with these inspiring pillars. He helps brands cross generations and inspire new audiences thanks to his hand in marketing and communications strategies.

Broyhill uses a “marketing made easy” approach to put small Americana brands on par with the industry giants by generating qualified leads for his clients. Passionate about working with rising companies and finding what they may need in helping to define what exactly that voice should sound like, James knows the importance of finding a spokesperson that feels connected to a brand and can truly speak for them while also delivering an ROI in valuable leads—and that’s what he does for his clients, as a storyteller.

JB by James Broyhill offers website marketing, press releases and blog articles, Google search ads, email newsletters, website analytics and reporting, and influencer marketing. In fact, he has even collaborated with top-tier companies like Pappy Van Winkle, and Jack Daniels.

It might be a jump from the life he expected to lead, but Broyhill continues to find joy and fulfillment in his work. It is as rewarding for him as it is for the brands he manages.

About James Broyhill

James Broyhill is an innovative brand spokesman who, after working with companies like Jack Daniels and Pappy Van Winkle, is bringing his approach for authentic storytelling to the table to help companies, entrepreneurs, and organizations showcase their stories and successes. Going beyond marketing, James brings your brand to life. Find out more at