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FlasHOLR, the all-in-one app for moving and towing: an interview with co-founder Nancy Mirta

FlashHOLR is a really clever app that provides a platform for on-demand moving and towing services. Simply request a pick-up and a driver will be on their way! The app also offers work for would-be drivers, the FlasHOLR Heroes, allowing anyone with a car, van or truck to make some extra dough in their spare time. It’s like Uber, but for movers and towers!

We spoke with co-founder Nancy Mirta to find out more about this unique app and what went into making it.

What drove you to start up FlasHOLR?

I wanted to give people an easier way to book moving and towing services in their local area. The normal routine is that people rent a U-Haul truck and need to also pay for fuel and insurance as well as return the truck no matter how many things they are moving. This state of affairs, while working fine for many, is inflexible – since so many people across the US own trucks capable of moving household furniture, there is certainly a proportion of them who have free time and want to earn extra money. Our app connects the people who need a truck with the people who have one available for rent.

FlasHOLR enables people to organise point to point courier pickup delivery

As for Vehicle towing on demand, I remember the winter day I was passing in US-287 from Casper, Wyoming to Fort Collins, Colorado, my car dived into snow pile, feel stranded, no immediate road assistance available and expensive. Until a good person helped with his SUV and pulled my car out of a snow pile using a simple rope. That gave me the idea.

With little knowledge on software development and business plan, here I am.

What are the biggest benefits of using the app?

The greatest benefits of the app are that it gives users a lot of flexibility about what they pay for – for example you could choose to rent a vehicle with or without labour included. Customers don’t have to return the vehicle back to a facility and all fees cover fuel, mileage and damage protection. It’s entirely risk-free for users. We provide secure and safe interaction with our heroes because each hero will have to pass a background check.

With this mobile app, there are more individuals and companies could get more gains. To individual drivers, they can put their vehicles some use to earn extra money.  It doesn’t matter if they are new or old vehicles, they all are welcome. The driver app enables them to be their own boss and offers flexibility to work at their own schedule.

FlasHOLR Easy One-Click to Change Driver Status Online/Offline

Towing companies are able to get more exposure and more work via that app. Traditionally, people would engage tow trucks via their insurance provider – now they can find a tow company right away, directly. Moving companies will also get similar exposure on the app that they would not have otherwise.

What does it take to become a FlasHOLR driver?

As long as you have vehicle, no matter if it’s a car, truck or a van, either old or new, they can put them some use for earning extra money at their spare time. Providing towing service as Towing Hero, could gain bigger earnings however it requires extra investment in acquiring some towing equipment such as a towing dolly or bar.

People with a car only, can still earn money by signing up to be Courier Hero where they can do pickup delivery from point to point locations.

One important step to be one of our FlasHOLR Heroes is Background Verification by accredited company, and for that purpose, we use Accurate Now ( It’s very important to note that each candidate needs to pay their own background check fee of $40 to Accurate Now, however, if the background check is passed, the fee can be reimbursed. So, it’s actually risk-free to join us.

 (you can review more details at:

What are the app’s most exciting features?

Customers can book immediate or scheduled booking and select a vehicle service with or without labour assistance. The smart technology embedded into the app allows drivers to use Google Maps to get the shortest route to their destination, and allows customers to track the drivers’ real-time location. Timers are embedded to count exact time labour took, and two-way reviews are enabled between customers and drivers.

Is there more to come for FlasHOLR?

New developments coming up include a reward system for customers and drivers, coupons, an online store for FlasHOLR merchandise and accessories as well as referral bonuses.

Thanks, Nancy, for your time! Check out the FlasHOLR website: to learn more. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.