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Everything you should know about FlasHOLR

FlasHOLR is essentially the Uber for towing and moving trucks, connecting people who need a towing/moving truck or van with someone who has one available for rent. It also enables moving and towing truck companies to gain greater exposure and encourages a more competitive and fast-moving market.


The app gives both users and contractors a huge amount of flexibility and cuts some of the fat from what was traditionally a somewhat cumbersome process. For example, people who have their car break down will call their insurance company and get referred to a local tow company – FlasHOLR cuts out the middleman from this process.

FlasHOLR enables people to organise point to point courier pickup delivery

FlasHOLR also enables people to organise point to point courier pickup delivery from any two places they desire.


Pricing is determined by individual contractors who can assess the market and come in at their desired price points. The typical pricing structure is as follows:

  • Pay to rent just the vehicle (the driver won’t help load/unload);
  • Pay to rent the vehicle and the driver that will help to load/unload as labor, or;
  • Pay to rent the vehicle, the driver, and one assistant that will help to load/unload as labor.


  • Allows people who need the services of a moving or tow trucks and/or point-to-point pickup and delivery to connect with people who have the time and resources to help.
  • FlasHOLR driver gives people who have a moving or towing capable truck, van or car to make extra money in their free time, on their own terms.
  • GPS technology enables easy tacking of location and progress.
  • The app is highly professional and secure, with drivers going through background-checks to determine they are suitable.
  • Flexible and affordable in how users can pay for services they need.
  • No merchant registration is necessary to organise point-to-point pickup and delivery.
  • Any stores, houses or offices can be pickup point.
FlasHOLR Easy One-Click to Change Driver Status Online/Offline


  • Gives people who need moving, towing or point-to-point pickup and delivery an easier way to connect with service providers.
  • Gives people with a truck, van or car the ability to earn extra money in their free time.
  • Secure GPS location tracking gives peace of mind.


  • Lacks some features such as a rewards program and a mechanism for coupons. However, they are currently in development.