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Saira Fatah

How Saira Fatah is leading outsourced CFO services and accounting services in Houston

One way or another, all businesses need some form of bookkeeping, either by doing it yourself or contracting it out to someone else. You have to keep the profit as high as possible. My advice: if your business is in Texas, you should consider a 3rd party accounting firm operating in Houston.

Saira Fatah has been one of the leading accountants in the Houston area. She has proven herself to be insightful in the mix of service. She provides information on what needs to be known before going ahead to solicit an outsourced CFO. She can boast of even more financial know-how. She has a robust portfolio, excellent working experience with various industries such as Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Construction, Real Estate, Energy, and so on. Her impressive record includes providing financial consultancy to clients, and that has yielded up to 1.8 Billion USD in annual revenue.

Notwithstanding her busy schedule, she won’t stop working with other rising and established businesses around Houston. Saira Fatah still makes out time to share her expertise with us. She has an illustrious 12 years of experience in the finance industry, most of which has been in the role of a CFO in various companies backed with private equity. Without a doubt, Saira Fatah has a vast knowledge of judging between what good and bad accounting looks like, without the prejudice of the business’s size or scope.

River Oaks Business Solutions

Saira Fatah has neither shown any form of ignorance to how big Houston is, nor the fact that there is always competition for both her and her firm, River Oaks Business Solutions, to compete with. It is paramount for your business that you get your books right. The following addresses that, and how accountants with history in private equity, such as Saira Fatah, are bringing all the services emerging enterprises require.

Why is proper accounting necessary for every business to succeed?

It is assumed in every business that they take on some form of accounting, especially when financial implications are being discussed. In Saira Fatah’s own words, she says, “there is a severe divergence between a business that can deal with its ledger well, and one that can’t.” Failure to ascertain that your books are being appropriately managed without excluding audits and forecasts means that you are at a great disadvantage.

She continues by saying that “a talented accountant can be what makes or breaks a business, principally in the early days when money is tight, and you need to be smart about the investments you make.” As the accountant Saira Fatah is, she drew our attention to the availability of dependable and capable accountants during the businesses’ teething sessions and how that can prevent a significant amount of money from been lost. She also emphasized how that can reduce pressure and intimidating environment for business executives who their strongest skill might not be an analysis of numbers.

When a business is of a particular size, it becomes necessary to set aside a financial department, in turn; the department manages highly-tasking transactions, depending on if the business has a private equity share structure.

Saira Fatah also adds that “getting professional perspectives on your ledger right from the get-go will ensure you run a lean and well-organized business, that will be far less likely to yield to greedy competitors or oppositional market forces.” This accountant can comprehend from her experience that at an extremely early-stage, businesses can benefit from all the advantage that comes with having a well-skilled accountant, who is experienced enough to pilot multifaceted private equity arrangements.

Features and benefits of hiring a professional accounting firm

When you get financial consultancy from 3rd parties, you are bound to get a lot of profits. Saira Fatah’s Houston-based agency, River Oaks Business Solutions, is an example of a firm aimed at making a down-to-earth, fast, and efficient financial analysis for customers who ask for their aid in overseeing their business ledger.

River Oaks Business Solutions has been nothing short of friendly to small businesses. The firm is well skilled in helping businesses organize, install, and optimize QuickBooks accounting software. QuickBooks is identified as the industry’s standard platform. CEOs use it to view their financial health and that of their business establishment in a swift glance.

When it comes to a wide array of conventional/traditional bookkeeping services such as balance sheet reporting, income statement reporting, tax planning and preparation, cash flow management, and outsourced CFO, the agency also delivers on a very high standard. Saira Fatah tells us that “all of these services are intended to identify lay-off where a client’s business is losing money, allowing them to put back their money into a more productive part of their operations.”

River Oaks Business Solutions also get their hands into their clients’ recruitment processes, serving as a noteworthy example to other firms. Sourcing and selection of new employees have their financial implications, which must be financially planned for, in areas such as advertising, recruiter costs, and breaking down the salary packages, you will likely offer.

The firm also specializes in preparing a structure for employee benefits, especially with insurance plans. River Oaks Business Solutions has experience in different market positions, which means they are highly capable of such a task.

In picking admirable 3rd party accounting firm that brings in rapid benefits to any business, Houston-based River Oaks Business Solutions is the best option. That has been the famous saying of those who have tried their services. For a company that does not have internal accountants, and needs efficient help with their ledger, it won’t be easy to see a firm that offers as much as River Oaks Business Solutions under the expertise of accountants like Sarah Fatah.

You may have heard that there are four different types of accounting. It is also essential that you know what each of these types of accounting is so you can apply them to your business’s success.

Corporate accounting: This is in direct relation to the financial data of a company, and it is used for government-mandated tax compliance and reporting.

Public accounting: This is when an accountant takes into service business entities or individuals as their consultant to manage their accounting, and ensure all of their financial statements are well in place. It also includes matters regarding private equity.

Government accounting: This operates in a similar principle to other types of accounting, except that the deals are with local, state, and federal entities rather than corporations or individuals.

Forensic accounting: This is described as a research and break-down of financial information that may be missing or hard to get back. Its common usage is by law firms.

While the numbers can appear demoralizing and non-negotiable for the average person, an accountant such as Saira Fatah reassures you that “it’s not impossible, you just need to admit when you need outside proficiency, and build a productive relationship with the accountant you choose to hire.”