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hihilulu: The Ultimate Platform for Children to Learn Chinese Effectively

As the world becomes more connected, it’s no surprise that learning a second language has become a top priority for many families. And while there are many language learning platforms available, few cater to children who are non-native Chinese speakers. This is where hihilulu comes in – a comprehensive platform specifically designed to help children learn Chinese effectively.

Hihilulu was founded by Jennifer Huang, a mother of twin daughters who wanted to provide them an easy yet fun way to learn Chinese in a foreign country. Huang found no innovative high-tech solution that could help her children learn Chinese, so she created one herself.

Hihilulu believes learning Chinese can provide children competitive, cognitive, and cultural benefits. Knowing Chinese can give children a competitive edge in their future careers. Learning a tonal language like Chinese can improve cognitive abilities such as memory, problem-solving, listening, and speaking skills from an early age. Learning Chinese can also promote greater understanding and tolerance towards foreign cultures.

The hihilulu platform is based on the theory that children, like sponges, may naturally speak in various tongues if exposed to a meaningful quantity of quality input. With this in mind, hihilulu provides the first immersive Chinese learning platform with rich animations in Chinese and gamified interactive exercises for young kids.

But hihilulu doesn’t stop there. The platform also embraces the Dualism Theory of Chinese language education, distinguishing four language skills at different ages and developmental stages. This theory separates oral expression and literacy learning, focusing first on high-frequency words in daily life for oral expression without the demand for reading and writing but rather on developing listening and speaking skills. 

In the literacy part, hihilulu employs a character-based snowballing method, which introduces the most basic components of Chinese characters first and then builds upon them logically and constructively to teach character families efficiently and effectively. 

This snowballing approach is based on the belief that over 95% of Chinese characters are composed of the most basic 200 components, enabling children to learn Chinese characters in a highly economical way. With the help of innovative digital technologies, hihilulu offers a playful, interactive, and personalized Chinese learning experience that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, making it an ideal solution for individuals and institutions alike.

But what makes hihilulu truly unique is its full-service model. Schools that want to offer a Chinese language program often struggle to evaluate the real qualification of Chinese teachers, applied pedagogy/curriculum, and learning outcomes. As hihilulu’s pedagogy is completely different from existing offers on the market, they offer to recruit and train Chinese teachers to guarantee qualification and alleviate the administrative burden for schools.

In addition, hihilulu’s platform aggregates thousands of rich content, from kids’ cartoons and animated videos to games, allowing young learners to easily access an incredible Chinese language environment anytime and anywhere.

Hihilulu aims to revolutionize how non-Chinese children can learn Chinese easily, effectively, and with fun. Providing a natural Chinese language acquisition pedagogy for children, hihilulu is changing how we approach language learning. To learn more about this innovative platform, visit their website at