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Franchising Super-App and Adopting Cryptocurrency at a Rapid Pace

Halen is a community-first super-app platform aimed at unifying all the facets of modern technology-powered services, ranging from ride-sharing and deliveries to travel bookings and hospitality arrangements.

Backed by a team of veteran leaders with decades of specialized experience, Halen is capitalizing on the modern consumer’s need for a singular digital destination by leveraging the hyper-local expertise of local partners and the power of crowdfunding.

The Rising Demand for Super-Apps in the US

Between China’s WeChat, Indonesia’s GoTo, Singapore’s Grab, and Pakistan’s Careem, super-apps are already bringing unparalleled convenience to the lives of billions of consumers worldwide.

While the American economy is lagging in this transition to unified platforms, the average American consumer is ready to embrace the super-app movement. A recent study from PYMNTS found that 67% of US consumers want to see at least two of their economic activities merged into a single app. Among those activities, travel, entertainment, and shopping were the three most highly sought-after categories.

Providing convenience is how digital platforms that streamlined physical services found their way to mainstream success. A unified experience consolidating a variety of services into a single application is the natural next step in this journey.

At the end of the day, maintaining multiple accounts, figuring out different interfaces, and dealing with the varying support staff and policies of different providers is a hassle most modern consumers are eager to say goodbye to.

Empowering Local Partners Through Franchising

Despite their decades of experience navigating the local landscape and developing local expertise, legacy taxi and limousine companies fell like dominoes when silicon valley giants like Uber went mainstream. All of a sudden, those leaders of the local landscape were left struggling for survival.

While there were and continue to be many factors at play here, one of the leading differences is the meticulously refined and optimized digital experience offered by companies like Uber. Local businesses simply cannot afford to pour the level of resources and expertise needed to create effortless digital solutions.

Halen is attempting to level the playing field for these legacy businesses by empowering them with seamless digital solutions and brand collateral that can go head-to-head with silicon valley giants.

With a hyper-local approach at the forefront, Halen is going to offer franchising deals to local partners. Upon paying the franchise fee of between $50,000 to $500,000, franchisees will gain exclusive rights to offer Halen’s services in their territory. In return, they will gain access to the super-app company’s digital solutions, brand recognition, and field-tested insights and support. Whereas Halen will collect a percentage of revenue from their operations on top of the franchising fee.

By joining forces with local businesses, Halen will concentrate all resources into developing its digital solutions, brand collateral and recognition, and other high-impact nationwide initiatives. Franchise partners, on the other hand, will also be able to laser-focus their efforts on delivering stellar services to the end customers.


Community Is at the Heart of Everything Halen Offers

Staying true to its community-first philosophy, Halen has launched a crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder to offer retail investors an opportunity to acquire equity in this innovative enterprise for as little as $100.

By combining ride-share, grocery delivery, restaurant delivery, vacation rentals, travel bookings, and retail delivery into a unified super-app, Halen is addressing a combined $1.5 trillion market.

Furthermore, Halen is minimizing the risk for investors in two primary ways. The franchise model will limit the risk exposure of Halen and its investors by helping local partners take charge of local initiatives under the expert guidance of the team. In addition to that, the super-app platform has proven market compatibility and demand by registering 5,500+ delivery service providers on its platform.

With innovation and agility at the very core of its brand fabric, Halen’s leadership is ready to swiftly respond and adapt to evolving market dynamics. For instance, with the rise of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain revolution in full swing, Halen is set to accept cryptocurrencies across its portfolio of hyper-local services.

To learn more about Halen and participate in the crowdfunding campaign, interested parties are encouraged to visit WeFunder.