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Fashion in Your Fifties “It takes work!” says Trivago Guy Sean Borg

It’s fair to suggest that once you reach your fifties, life can be tricky. Things start to change. Most men won’t be in the best shape of their lives or trim enough; they can wear anything they want unless they are on form. Reaching maturity can be a living hell for most men. But is it essential to dress accordingly, and age-appropriate?

Maintaining a healthy diet and choosing the right clothes to wear is of the utmost importance.

Men go through a massive transformation after their forties, and if you aren’t careful, it can be downhill all the way in the style department, not to mention your state of mind, and overall appearance. So get a grip!

As you leave behind your fabulous thirties and fun forties and start to establish yourself as a grown-up, getting ready for your elder years — the need to look and feel good takes center-stage. It becomes all about maintenance.

You are a grown man now, and the key to mastering how to dress in your fifties, without looking ridiculous can be summed up in a few simple keywords: “less is more.”

At 52, British brand ambassador and entertainment personality Sean Borg knows all about this kind of thing. “I have a tough time getting older; it takes work,” he tells The Daily Scanner.

“I have a smart wardrobe, and some pieces are over ten years old or more and still look as new as the day bought them. However, I often ask myself, can I sill wear that and get away with it?”

It’s essential to feel great when you slip into a pair of chinos, good jeans, or a slim-fit designer suit, topped with a decent watch and some stylish footwear.

“It’s all about the slim-fit suit for me,” says Sean. “I have to feel fit and slim and be able to look down and see my shoes. I gym regularly and drink less alcohol these days to maintain a healthy body weight and a healthy mind.”

Dressing well doesn’t mean wearing fancy clothes all the time. Sean says, “You can still get away with wearing, say, camouflage pants in your fifties and look good…with the right approach, this is.”

Sean Borg for his top style tips
Sean says: “I am a traditional person, I prefer to match shades when I dress so that they blend well.”

So it’s to the hot seat with Sean Borg for his top style tips and opinions.

What kind of clothes make you feel good when you wear them?

Sean: Definitely a slim-fit suit or sports coat. I have to feel fit and slim and be able to look down and see my shoes. If you feel good in what you wear, then you will enjoy your night out a whole lot more. Tailored suits work. You can shop for less expensive suits if you are on a budget. But have them tailored to fit your body properly.

What are your favorite Items of clothing?

It’s jeans and a cool T-shirt for me! The go-to casual legwear for any guy is a simple pair of jeans. And there is nothing wrong with that. Men often come to me for fashion and style advice, and I’m only too happy to give it. Most men love the T-shirt and jeans look. Jeans can look amazing, as long as you’re wearing the right pair. Wear jeans that make your legs look good!

What Should Be More Important To A Man: Style or Fashion?

Style for sure. You don’t have to follow fashion to have style. Fashion comes in, and trends go out. But having style is about looking good.

What’s More Important: Clothing Fit or Clothing Brand?

Fit for sure. H&M has some lovely fitted shirts; the material isn’t so good. But the cut always looks good on. So I would go for the fit. I’ve worn expensive shirts, like Hugo Boss and Prada, but I have to say, the H&M slim-fit looks pretty good on.

Does Brand Clothing Matter?

Well, no, not always. I’ve mentioned H&M Vs. Hugo Boss in the fitted shirt stakes. Having said that, I do love a label. I shop at Gucci, and I shop at T.J Maxx. So I like to mix-and-match designer and high-street. But I also want to buy timeless clothing, I want to spend and invest in pieces and not feel bad about splashing out a $1000 on a suit. If you get an outfit that makes you feel like a million dollars, that’s a pretty good return as long as you feel great. You can always have it tailored in years to come if your body shape changes. I bought a Gucci suit in 2002, and it still looks good today. So that was worth the money.

What Is Your Style of Favorite Footwear?

I like Cole Haan, and I’m really into brogues or Oxfords—a wingtip shoe. I am guilty of spending a lot out on shoes. I bought a pair of Gucci Ace Supreme sneakers recently, and I love Adidas Stan Smiths, I have those in blue and in green. I like a Chukka boot too, or a suede desert boot. I could go on and on about shoes.

Which sunglasses work for you: Classic Aviators or Classic Wayfarers?

I have to say both. Aviators bring about a more youthful and crisp look, they make a statement, I think. And Classic Wayfarers are great for everyday use. More casual, I guess. But both work for me.

Tell us about this look? So It’s OK to wear Camouflage prints in your fifties?

sean borg in front of a hotel
Dressing age appropriate: “Camouflage pants are fun, they go with anything.”

This look is very me. There aren’t as many rules in fashion these days. Fashion snobs still exist, but not as much as they did in the eighties. If you look good in it, and you feel good, then I say, do it. Camouflage pants are fun, and they go with anything. Stick on a jean jacket, a T-shirt, some trendy sneakers, and a pair of Camouflage pants, and you’re good to go. The perfect look for a Sunday afternoon, walking the dog, or down the pub!

Should everything you wear color-wise, match?

Indeed, to some degree. Color clashing works sometimes; however, I am a traditional person, I prefer to match shades when I dress so that they blend well. So yes, I am all for matching colors. I am really into beige and orange and turquoise for the summer. For the winter, I like dark gray, navy blue, and all shades of green and brown.

Any fashion advice for younger readers?

Don’t be afraid to stand out. I am not suggesting you go out and dress like Elton John did on stage in the eighties, with feathers sticking out of your suit, no, but I do find with a lot of guys, they’re scared to be the best-dressed in the room. That’s really what it comes down to. They end up to looking like everybody else. It’s as if they don’t want everyone looking them up and down. That’s a typical guy thing… I say, find the courage to be the best dressed. It’s a great feeling to get compliments on a look you’ve worked on. It’s uplifting. People will look to you for leadership. Have the courage to step up. Sadly, not everyone will like you for standing out, so ignore the naysayers. Take a few risks…be noticed, you’ll be remembered. And that’s a good thing.

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