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Faiz Imran

Faiz Imran talks about his background and digital marking company Fismma

Faiz Imran is a serial entrepreneur who, despite getting many scholarship offers, decided to end his education in high school and go out and start businesses straight away. Faiz has had many successful companies behind him and is now focused on his digital marketing agency Fismma.

Faiz answered some questions.

Hi Faiz, what’s your background and how did you start Fismma?

I am a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple successful businesses in the past. I love to pursue the entrepreneurial spirit, and Fismma is me following that spirit into digital advertising, web development, and social media.

What services can Fismma offer its customers?

The services we offer include web development, digital advertising, and social media content. Our comprehensive service means that our clients get the full package of digital services to set them up for success and attracting more customers.

What kinds of clients do you work most often with?

We work with some of the biggest brands, celebrities, and companies around the world. We are proud to have so many diverse clients who all praise the work we do on their behalf.

What do you think makes Fismma stand out as an agency?

We take a holistic approach to the work we do. We examine every element and approach every angle in order to achieve success for our clients. Our quirky company culture keeps us engaged and doing the best work at all times.

What is the goal of the site Business Blurb?

Business Blurb is a news and publication company that’s goal is to inspire and educate young entrepreneurs.

The platform for Business Blurb is growing at an alarming rate, and we’ve amazed 2 million likes and over 60,000 followers on Tik Tok in the first 30 days.

And a following of 300,000 on Instagram alongside the website and all the social media platforms were reaching well over 15,000,000 people per month

How has COVID-19 impacted your services and how you provide them for clients?

It has allowed us to help businesses find a new source of income through eCommerce, and also proven the importance of our services in a world where people need to do things online.