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Davide Malaguti

Davide Malaguti shares his story about blockchain projects

Davide Malaguti
Davide Malaguti

Davide Malaguti has an enterpeneurial background with blockchain experience. Davide answered some questions for us:

Can you please introduce yourself and give us some information about you, Davide?

I was born and grew up in Bologna, from entrepreneur parents, and hard workers, and today I am a trainer, entrepreneur, father, and writer.

I graduated in Education Sciences at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, and I obtained a Transnational Master in Business Administration at IFOA in Reggio Emilia and Durham Business School UK.

My students define me as charismatic, enchanting, and leader. I am optimistic and trustful even in the most difficult situations, strategic and proactive at 100%.

I read, study and travel a lot, for this reason, I speak English, Spanish and French fluently. I met people like Anthony Robbins, Blair Singer, Paul Watzlawick, Franco D’Egidio, Edward De Bono, Mario Silvano, Jeffrey Gitomer, and other illustrious personalities from the education field.

Can you tell us about your path as an entrepreneur and your achievement to success?

Among the most relevant experiences, I collaborated with the opening of the Spanish branch of an Italian training company. In that year, I held courses and seminars in different cities of Spain on topics ranging from leadership to communication, from marketing to sales.

As an entrepreneur, in 1996, I founded Gobag Sviluppo Imprese, my first personnel selection, and training company. In 2010, I brought together under the same brand, Golden Group Srl with headquarters in Bologna but now operating throughout the national territory, ordinary finance, subsidized finance, and training.

Through the studies and experiences gained in the companies where I worked, I developed a course methodology that sees the participant as an active protagonist and main actor of his growth.

In 2010 I was awarded the “Champion of Innovation” award after characters such as Polegato, Veronesi, and Rana. To date, I am the founder of 5 companies with over 200 collaborators in Italy and abroad.

How did you get to the blockchain? What are the reasons that lead you in the blockchain world?

Being a great reader, my attention ended up at many market analysis that foresees the full use of blockchain technology in the social (public and private administrations) for 2023. Blockchain will democratize the world of strong powers. Banks will have much less authority as well as notaries, lawyers, accountants.

I wanted to try to test the technology in my Golden Group company by launching the blockchain on “smoking” last year.

That’s what I did: I announced my choice of not smoking, writing to a collaborator, Roberta, and, to cc, to my company administration:

“With this #NoSmokeCoin project, I used the Blockchain concept, that we all heard so much about. Roberta is my next block: if you fail, the whole downstream process will fail. And so for each subsequent person.

The moment I notice that Roberta smokes, I would report it and take away the privilege. In the same way, the person who got it from Roberta will lose this privilege and so cascade”.

Since you decided to invest in Blockchain, what have been the significant changes you have observed?

I saw the world gradually realize the technological revolution we have in our hands. I’ve seen people believe it and others don’t. I have seen the first to invest and get rich, but to reason in the short term.

I have seen very few entrepreneurs think big, in perspective, about the possibility of building something lasting. And, as always happens, it is where there is still little competition that great opportunities arise, which I intend to seize.

You are launching a new Blockchain project, “Digital Gold”, which will allow you to make purchases on the private market through the use of tokens. How does it differ from other Blockchains? How will the market change?

What we are about to launch, wants to be an environment suitable for business development, with all the tools that technology today allows us to make operations related to the business fast, safe, and transparent.

Among these technologies, there is for sure blockchain, (but not only), and the project wants to exploit all the edges, optimizing it for business deals.

To date, the enormous use of blockchain platforms still takes place under the profile of Cryptocurrencies, let’s remember the Bitcoin platform, a master example of this technology.

Blockchain technology implemented for GoldenCoin not only intends to encourage the use of internal currency in transparency (the GoldenCoin in fact) but also to propose itself as a transactional notarization tool between companies, with potential that over time may cover increasingly extensive needs relative to the enterprise sector.

Do you need significant initial investments to start a business like yours?

Taking on business is a decision that depends on initial investments much less than people usually imagine. I realize this talking to those around me: the world is full of stories about successful entrepreneurs, who began from nothing. Very often I see someone’s initiatives strangled by rhetorical thoughts:  “I would like but I can’t”.

What is truly essential, like in everything in our lives, is an idea and a firm determination to carry it to the end.

In which business sectors will the company operate?

In the first phase: the sectors will be food, travel, entertainment, health, real estate, luxury, transport Private & Public, fashion, and beauty.

Then, we will evaluate whether to introduce other sectors as well.

What are the advantages of using the Token?

The use of a Cryptocurrency in B2B transactions involves the creation of a privileged “economic communication channel” between companies that are part of the network.

Always, using the same currency is the maximum symbol of a commercial interconnection, let’s look at the geopolitical evolutions of the Eurozone.

First of all, the selection at the entrance will ensure that being part of the network is a sort of quality certification, which means being part of a club of chosen entrepreneurs. In concrete terms, among other benefits, companies that tie their exchanges to the Token will enjoy zero exchange rate risk and maximize their purchasing power.

Not only: as happens for networks of virtuous companies, which create favorable market conditions for themselves in the inactivity of public decision-makers, networking creates an economic micro-fabric that relish the strength of the group.

In the same way, shared strategic policies will allow the chosen virtuous members of the circuit to have a clear edge over all their competitors.

How do you plan to attract developers to work on the Digital Gold project?

I am very confident about it: by definition, developers are the part of the job market that best embodies the relationship between professional and new technologies: it is an integral part of their job to code the future.

The revolutionary nature of blockchain – which of course transcends its use in the Crypto market and is only now beginning to be perceived by the general public in its full potential – has been clear to them before anyone else.

To involve entrepreneurs, you need to turn to fair visionaries, to involve developers, you have to find those who can be familiar with this branch and the unlimited opportunities it gives.

Do companies accept Cryptocurrencies as a payment method? Or is it still “to see”?

Companies accepted Cryptocurrencies as a payment method for years, and the number of companies doing it is also growing.

These data are luckily available on the web, and anyone can personally verify it. For example, a U.S. HSB study from 2020, found that over a third of small and medium-sized companies now accept Cryptocurrencies. There are also international names: Wikipedia, Microsoft, Expedia, AT&T, Burger King, KFC, Norwegian Air, and the list goes on.

It’s clear, in which direction the market is moving, it is only a matter of foresight to know how to put yourself in the best position to capture the perfect wave.

In which areas do you think Blockchain will have the greatest impact? And why?

To answer this question suitably, a couple of volumes would not be enough.

Blockchain applications are almost limitless and touch any area. Just imagine any aspect of human and economic interrelations in which a “third party guarantor authority” is or has ever been needed, there we will find a possible use of the blockchain.

To name a few: Banking and Finance, payments and money transfers, Cybersecurity and Risk Management, Legitimation of the electoral vote (e-voting), Healthcare, Energy Management, Testaments, and inheritances.

There is already the possibility, for communities of individuals who produce renewable energy through domestic systems, to enter and exchange energy in their own private and authenticated blockchain network, against energy-tokens. 

The roles of institutions, such as banks or notary offices, will be completely subverted. Keep in mind that the notary order inaugurated its notarychain, which is absolutely a significant fact.

In terms of evaluation, infrastructure, and regulation, what evolution will the Crypto world have in the coming years?

The fundamental issue in creating an efficient blockchain network is the technical and economic difficulty of being able to create a large enough network: first of all, as the volumes grow, the size of the register to be replyed (not distributed) on the node network grows, moreover, the operating costs of private blockchains are not always in line with the business model: this means that it is necessary to set up in consortia with other interested partners. However, this is the face of the technological surge that has characterized the digital market for years now. In terms of available infrastructure, therefore, obtaining functional blockchains will always be easier. With their diffusion on the market, the general public will become increasingly familiar with this technology, which will consequently also lead the public decision-maker to take into consideration this new world. At that point, there will be two possibilities: the legislator will understand its potential and encourage the explosion of the phenomenon, or it will not – at least not immediately – and private enterprise will play a more crucial (and potentially profitable) role than ever.

What goals do you think you can achieve with Digital Gold?

I aim to create a reality that can help entrepreneurs reach their maximum potential with the tools that technology makes available today.

I know the world of entrepreneurship very well, having dedicated twenty-four years of my life to it.

I know how frustrating it is to know to have the right cards, but to be prevented by market information asymmetries, the lack of reliable partners, or the subjection to exchange and interest rates completely out of your control.

Today progress gives us the key to freeing ourselves from many of these burdens, to abandon the world in which transactions are subject to user-server-user dynamics, to horizontalize and democratize our way of conceiving B2B.

I want to show everyone that this key works, that investing in the new pay, that being successful is the result of knowing how to understand where the market is going, opportunities can be created for oneself and others.

What do you think will be the main innovations in this 2020 regarding the Blockchain?

In one sentence: Gartner Inc., the leading multinational strategic consulting firm, has predicted the future of the Blockchain market at $10 billion by 2020.

The synergy between chain and technologies of the superfast 5G internet and the Internet of Things is about to implement the most powerful technological revolution that we have experienced since the birth of the internet itself to today.

If we add the Smart Contracts and all the other possible applications already mentioned to these joint forces, we face what promises to be the turning point for this technology.

What advice would you give to new investors or users who want to enter this reality?

My advice is to continue believing. An act of belief of minimal proportions today can be worth a real fortune tomorrow.

Where would the multibillionaires who decades ago invested in the actions of the right giants be, if they hadn’t? What would those who disdain those actions do if they could go back today?

Unique opportunities never go back, but history – in various forms – always repeats itself. It is up to us to learn from the past and capitalize on the future.

Do you have books, blogs, YouTube channels to recommend to those who are approaching this world and want to know more?

Surely there are sites and blogs from which to learn the fundamentals of the sector. I would recommend Blockchain For Innovation, the YouTube Blockchain Weekly channels, Blockchain FlashNews, and the Blockchain Revolution books by Don and Alex Tapscott and Blockchain by Melanie Swan.

Thank you Davide for your time!
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