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3 crucible moments in the career of Felix Aguado, aka DJ Piojo

Think of a crucible moment as a seminal, life-changing moment. It’s a moment in time where you decide to change something in your life, pursue a new passion, give up on something (like a toxic friendship or relationship) or choose to put yourself out there. Whatever it might be, these crucible moments shape who we are as individuals. For Felix Aguado, who is known by his thousands of fans as DJ Piojo, these seminal moments have developed his passion for DJing and sound mixing.

DJ Piojo

Crucible moment 1: first DJ set and gig

When he was in high school, Felix loved music. He’d been playing around on his father’s sound system since he was a little kid, but he’d never ventured into the realm of DJing or sound mixing. The significant change for Felix, however, was downloading a software called “Atomix Mp3”, which allowed him to experiment with DJ techniques and processes, without having a set. He enjoyed it so much that he soon asked his father for a DJ set.

Soon after getting his first DJ system, Felix was invited to a friend’s party to DJ for the night. He’d been mixing music for a while and had his collections played in front of friends at school; however, he’d never formally performed live. He gave it a crack and enjoyed it so much that he began researching more about the industry.

Crucible moment 2: first radio job

It’s obviously hard to make a living just off gigs (like parties, weddings, etc.), so Felix knew he needed a job. A job at a radio station would be perfect, as it would allow him to expand his reach and get more notice in the industry. There was a DJ contest hosted by a local radio station in the Washington DC area. Hundreds of DJs applied (including Felix), so he thought his chances were slim. He practised for hours in the lead up to the event and won! As the reward, Felix was offered a job with the station as their mix show DJ, which he took with open arms.

Crucial moment 3: recognised in the top 50

Washington DC has an intense nightlife, so there are a lot of DJs going around. A few years after landing a job at the radio station, Felix, who was then known as DJ Piojo, was recognised by DC Clubbing as one of the top 50 DJs in the state. This was a massive achievement, as it showed that all his hard work had paid off. He was now recognised in the industry as one of the best, which has taken his career to new heights heading into the 2020s.

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