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Creating its unique niche in the aviation world, enter Lone Star Aviators.

Under the leadership of John Truelson and certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, Lone Star Aviators is committed to their client’s personal safety.

The more we speak about how things have been changing across different industries of the world, the more we feel the need to talk about it. It is necessary to put more light on things that can truly impact people’s mindsets for the better, like the success story of a few brands and businesses. Topping this list in the aviation space is Lone Star Aviators, which under the leadership of CEO John Truelson, has been flourishing and how. Lone Star Aviators has earned massive recognition and a name in the industry quite rapidly and is filled with passionate professionals who get things done.

It is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and is committed to providing its clients with personal safety. All their mechanics and pilots are considered the best in the business for their years of experience and expertise, and their in-house maintenance team makes sure to keep the planes in top shape. Their focus on providing superior service and always dealing with every issue efficiently and quickly are also reasons that have allowed it to become a sought-after aviation company. Lone Star Aviators shine brighter as a premier private jet charter, aircraft maintenance, and aviation sales provider headquartered in Houston, Texas.

With Lone Star Aviators, John Truelson has taken giant strides in entrepreneurship after being a respected pilot for every kind of aircraft imaginable like commercial jets, fright planes, private jets, acrobatic stunt planes, and military bombers. These experiences and his passion for planes took him towards starting Lone Star Aviators, which today is known for its superior services in aviation, meeting every aviation need of its clients. The pilot, officer, and entrepreneur wants to build the biggest private jet charter company in Texas with Lone Star Aviators and then create a turn-key shop where anyone’s aviation needs can be met, whether that’s aircraft maintenance, purchasing, and staffing a private plane, or building an FBO.

They are also giving back to society by providing an organ run service that carries doctors from one hospital to the other while saving lives. Get in touch with them through their website,