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Concerned about your health in a COVID-19 world? Check out Athena Security INC

Containing the spread of the coronavirus has become the most pressing concern for politicians, institutions and organisations across the globe. Indeed, the virus has become imbricated in nearly all aspects of life as we know it, meaning it is critical that everyone, no matter who they are, does their part in stemming the spread of COVID-19. This is where Athena Security INC comes into the picture, which was founded by Lisa Falzone and Chris Ciabarra. Athena Security INC has developed temperature detection software, which can be used to identify feverish individuals as they enter the premises.

Michael Green is the current President of Athena Security INC, having joined the company in April 2019. He was able to answer a few questions we had about the new software Athena Security INC has developed.

Hi Michael, thanks for joining us. When was Athena Security INC founded and what motivated you specifically to join the firm in 2019?

Athena Security INC was formed in 2017 and I joined in 2018 when I saw the need for such technology that could help save lives.

How does Athena’s new temperature detection software work?

Athena’s temperature detection technology uses a thermal imaging camera which can show a temperature of each person in less then a sec.

What are some of the main benefits of having this product installed in your home or business?

We only install temperature detection in businesses now as our system allows to scan 2000 people an hour with out using staff to help keep guests and workers safe.

How accurate is the software system, and how far away should the thermal camera be from the subject entering the building?

Accurate with in.2 degrees C and the person should be between 6 to 15 feet depending on model purchased.

What types of environments or settings are most conducive to this form of thermal technology?

When you setup a unit you should have no medal or reflective materials like glass. Best if you have a backdrop to point at and we of course can supply on request. Can not be outside or at least in a closed tent if must go outside. Keep away from airflow.

Does Athena Security INC provide other software services, and if so, what are they?

Gun detection

Temperature detection

What are some of Athena’s strategic long-term goals, given COVID-19 looks like it is here to stay?

Keep people safe by using technology.

Thank you Michael for your time!
You can follow up with Michael Green at