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Canada's #1 Zero-Waste Food Delivery Group, ethey Foods Expands Their Empire Like Never Before

For years, the leaders of the zero food-waste movement ethey Foods have vowed to inspire a healthy relationship between our planet and its people – one freshly cooked meal at a time. But as their empire expands, so do opportunities for sustainable-thinking entrepreneurs and businesses to be a part of their growing community. And now they can – all under one roof.

ethey Foods
ethey Foods

Fresh, healthy, and economical food delivery is critical in driving beneficial community outcomes. One company that is providing a solution to the disposal of over one billion pounds of food waste is Canada’s #1 zero-waste food delivery service, ethey Foods. 

ethey Foods was created under the banner of the ethey Group to further expand the sustainability focus and become an incubator for businesses that represent the future of food.

Ethey Group, a for-purpose organization aiming to inspire and empower individuals, companies, and communities to rethink our food system, is the parent company of LiveFitFoods. This food business boasts of generating zero waste supplies and preparing meals for consumers.

After monumental success in transforming its once delivery service into an empire, ethey is on a mission to build international ecosystems to support human and economic growth, thanks to the team fostering life-changings innovations. 

Founded in 2015 by CEO Nick Spina, ethey’s zero food waste cycle ensures that every single ingredient in each meal is fully utilized, from harvest to meal prep, to compost, to seed, back to harvest again. Their food processing facility is partnered with a local onsite worm farm that they use to recycle food scraps and turn them into high-grade fertilizer.

“We are proud of our closed-loop food delivery system,” says Spina. “The cycle starts and ends with local farms, and our wormery partnership and zero-waste standards are what makes us uniquely forward-thinking.”

Ethey Foods have received more than $14 million in the last two years from private investors, attracted to its zero waste model and sales growth in the prepared food sector. And with members like Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee) backing the business as a personalized advisor, the group can now focus on finding more brands across Canada to bring into their group and expand their sustainable platform to every corner of the food and agriculture space. 

The Canadian food producer and co-packer, ethey Group, who has devoted time to fighting food waste have since acquired two new brands as part of their expansion and mission to support sustainable food manufacturing. From pet food maker Puppy Gang Fresh Foods and juice maker Blank Slate Wellness, to four more significant acquisitions, partnering with these brands is just the start for the ethey Group.

However, today ethey Group is making waves in the food industry as they welcome on board their most significant and most involved investor to date – London, Ontario’s real estate investor Mr. Shmuel Farhi. By joining hands with Farhi Holding Corporation, a company that currently owns and manages more than 4 million square feet of office, retail, industrial and residential properties across Ontario, ethey Group is able to diversify their investment backing to now include assets through the acquisition of commercial offices in London, Ontario. With this, they are turning these offices into co-working space that will be a physical hub for the brands their incubator acquires, as well as being open to the general public for alternative office space as well.”

This partnership and investment has securely solidified ethey’s vision of becoming an incubator used to grow and maintain multiple cultures of sustainable living. 

As ethey Group expands after acquiring six businesses through 2022, their entire team is moving into offering office space and co-working space as part of their incubator for both digital and physical potential. “Over the next year, we’re looking at facilitating a co-working space and office acquisition partnership with this partner in places like Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver,” shares Spina. “This is a great way to combine our resources and tap into each other’s agencies to grow as one.”

The ethey Group’s next plan is to stretch into new territories, giving entrepreneurs the proper resources to pursue their missions internationally. Ethey Group is so close to shaking hands with the United States that it could be a matter of time before we see this revolutionary method of food distribution bloom across North America.

“With our unique and robust licensing regulations, we could ship into the US tomorrow if we wanted to. Not only do we have a fully CFIA-approved Canadian food policy, but our CFI regulations are so strict, they automatically make us US FDA approved,” shares Spina. 

Every problem has a solution; it may sometimes just need another perspective. The ethey Group provides the food industry with a fully sustainable plan to tackle food waste. With even more brands joining the movement, backed by an investor like Farhi, only time will tell until this movement becomes a family standing for change.

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