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Can Muhammed Karagoz. Model, professional dancer and actor

Can Muhammed Karagoz explains on what it takes to be a dancer, male model and actor

Can Muhammed Karagoz leads a busy yet fulfilling life as an actor, model, dancer and dance instructor. He’s performed in high-profile films such as ‘Musical Chairs’, walked New York fashion runways, and was even nominated for Best Male Model in 2016.

We got the rare opportunity to speak with the Turkish-American star to learn more about what it takes to succeed in so many different fields at once.

Can Muhammed Karagoz - Model
Can Muhammed Karagoz. World Fashion Parade. Photo: Elucid Magazine

Have you always been a dancer?

Oh yes! Since I was 4 years old. I was a very hyperactive kid and still didn’t lose that.

What makes dancing special to you?

There is so many things I can tell about why dancing is special to me. Of course, there is zillion amount of dancing benefits that you could gain but for me it’s an amazing way to express yourself, tell your story thru movements also you learn a lot about yourself thru dancing. I’ve applied many things to my life from what dancing give it to me even in the business world it made me sharp and precise. Oh I could talk about that for hours lol.

Can Muhammed Karagoz - Fashion Model
Can Muhammed Karagoz. World Fashion Parade 2015

When did your journey into modelling begin?

I’ve got into modeling when I was 16 years old. getting a coffee at a coffee shop a lovely couple approach me about modeling and I wanted to give it a shot since then I’ve been modeling all over the world for brands like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

What are the biggest challenges involved in modelling?

There is crazy amount of challenges when it comes to modeling specially if lack on confidence but I’ve got plenty of that since I was already a dancer performing all over the world. If you don’t think you’ve got what it takes, you’re in a wrong business.

Can Muhammed Karagoz
Can Muhammed Karagoz. New York Fashion Week 2016

You were recently involved in running a modelling event with cancer patients. What was this experience like?

I loved/love working with them, it’s amazing sharing the runway with cancer survivors. Specially my mother passed away when I was 4 years old and she was cancer. When I got that offer, I was very excited and accepted in a heartbeat.

Which actors or actresses inspire you most?

Robert Deniro, Mathew McConaughey,  Leonardo DiCaprio, Joe Pesci, Richard Gere.

Between giving dance lessons, modelling, acting and performing, you’re a busy man! How do you make the most of your time and balance out your interests?

I don’t want to sound too cliche but when you love what you do you don’t really feel like working also it’s not that bad because my modeling schedule is somehow set, February and September of every year and I fill the rest with lots of teaching, competing and performing all over the world. Also, I have to add my real estate investment to the schedule as well not a lot of people know about that.

Can Muhammed Karagoz
Can Muhammed Karagoz. Photoshoot for Clavons Wear

What exciting projects are you working on in 2020?

I have February 8th New York Fashion Week

February 9th attending Oscar Academy Awards as a guest at the Dolby Theatre Los Angeles, CA

February 13th London for fashion week

February 18th Milan Fashion Week

February 23rd Paris Fashion Week


April 24&25th Ballroom and Latin Dancesport championship in New Jersey with my students.

What advice would you give to aspiring performers?

Be smart, sharp and precise, know exactly what you want and have a game plan.


Can Muhammed Karagoz boasts an impressive resume and some inspiring advice. We would like to thank him for his time and encourage our readers to visit his website to learn more and view his portfolio of work at: and

Can Muhammed Karagoz
Can Muhammed Karagoz. Model, professional dancer and actor