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Advantages of Implementing Microsoft Teams Busy Light Program

A Microsoft teams busy light program could just be the right tonic for your business operation.


Given the need for brands and departments to be more in sync with modern technology, particularly in the facet of communications, there is always a need to be utilizing best practice.


From the PR standpoint of your own organisation to keeping up to date with what your peers and competitors are offering, falling behind means lost customers, making for lost revenue and forcing cutbacks and changes that are unwelcomed.


So in order to make some proactive steps in the right direction, it would make sense to implement a busy light system, or something like what Microsoft offers.


The busy light is viewed as a great method to overseeing a communication platform that will offer a series of advantages for employees and employers alike.


Here we will take some time to examine the benefits of busy light in further detail, outlining why this software would be a neat fit for your office space during the week.

Cut Down On Missed Calls

There is only one real tangible benefit that sticks out more than any when it comes to the Microsoft teams busy light program. Missed calls for a business are detrimental for all facets of a company seeking to please their own consumer base, their corporate partners, board members and anyone associated with its well-being. By taking this program on board, you will see customer service representatives, sales team members and IT specialists identifying what calls are ready, what need to be put on hold, or those that have been made unavailable. That transparency is vital for a successful enterprise because it allows the left hand and right hand to work in unison.


Universal Practice For Business Department

A Microsoft teams busy light program can be ideal to issue uniformity and synchronicity across a company. With a green light signaling availability, yellow for on hold, red for unavailable or white for technical faults, each and every department can be working under identical conditions.


Helps Mental Condition of Workers

There can be little doubt that in a busy and demanding work environment, the capacity to miss out on calls or to have a poor call experience can harm the mental and emotional state of staff. By bringing aboard a Microsoft teams busy light program, you are helping to alleviate those concerns by implementing a system that brings to attention customer calls, client calls and communication from peers and management.


Those who need to have a positive call experience by being made aware of the status of the incoming communication feel a greater sense of worth. That confidence can be infectious in a close-knit working environment where everyone benefits.


Eliminating Costs

A negative spiral effect can be put into motion if a company opts against something such as the Microsoft teams busy light program. When missed calls are made, organisations have to make moves to enquire about the profile, location and manner of the enquiry.


Calls that are dropped out or interrupted require further investment in the quantity of communications and with more consumers making complaints to an affiliated department, there is a backlog of issues and problems that have to be monitored and addressed. These are costs that build up and over time when the revenue is being examined on a profit and loss balance sheet, a program of this stature should be viewed as an ideal tonic to avoid these scenarios from reoccurring.



Should you speak to peers and undertake some research, you will see just how well a Microsoft teams busy light program can operate for your business. By implementing some neat new technology, you will gain clarity and that knock on effect will be felt across fields of the company.