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B is for Burnout, Not B*tch: Dana Mahina’s Guide to Navigating the Work-Life Tightrope

Dana Mahina is an irreverent author, emotional intelligence coach, and former Silicon Valley influencer who is shaking up the self-help landscape with her new book, “B is for Burnout, Not B*tch: From Overdrive to Thrive, A-Z.” In a world when burnout is as prevalent as coffee breaks. Dana is refreshing the debate on work-life balance with her knowledge and great approach. Move over, conventional self-help gurus.

Mahina’s book is a feisty declaration in the continuing story of women’s emancipation in the workplace, not merely a book to read. She nods and winks as she helps accomplished women navigate the perilous terrain of burnout, a disorder that seems to be distributed equally among income increases and promotions.

Dana shares her journey from being a corporate high-flyer to a health fighter for women, drawing on her time spent in the wild west of Silicon Valley. “B is for Burnout” is a blend of personal development guidance and business wit, garnished with a dash of reality.

But there’s still more! Master of emotional intelligence Dana Mahina interweaves her well recognized Stop Settling® concept throughout the book. It’s not enough to merely survive; you also need to thrive, accept happiness, and give mediocrity the finger. Dana wants you to jump forward, dance a bit, and perhaps even drop a mike or two, so forget about leaning in.

If the book wasn’t enough, women looking for harmony amid the chaos of contemporary life have access to an incredible arsenal of tools in Dana’s Bloom program and other inspiring materials. It’s a celebration for your soul, replete with confetti and a DJ playing self-discovery music. It’s more than simply a platform.

This is no ordinary self-help book, “B is for Burnout, Not B*tch: From Overdrive to Thrive, A-Z.” It’s a movement, a revolution in stilettos. It supports women’s independence in a society that often gives them a script and expects them to follow it. Dana urges you to pick up a pen and start writing your own bloody narrative.

This book, which is now on sale, is not only essential reading for anybody prepared to change the course of their life and career, but also a must-live. So grab a copy, don your superhero cape, and get ready for an exciting journey from overdrive to thrive, with Dana Mahina serving as your funny guide to balancing work and life!

To learn more about Dana and upcoming projects visit her website.