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Why Arcpoint Labs of Orlando Central is one of the most effective labs in Florida

Trey Parrish is from ARCpoint Labs, a company that offers 3rd party testing for drugs, alcohol, DNA and pathology. ARCpoint works with law enforcement, the judiciary and employers to test people for drugs and alcohol, as well as helping individuals and medical professionals to do DNA and medical testing.

Trey, how did you get into testing as a career?

I started out overseeing specimen collections with the United States Army, later I studied forensics at the University of Maryland, Louisiana State University and Jacksonville State University. A military and college fraternity brother led me to Arcpoint Labs of Orlando Central. Our collaborative experience in the military, led us to develop a proprietary process which allows us to process collections in what I feel is the most efficient and fastest manner available in the civilian marketplace. A donor with no issues such as an adulterated specimen, or a shy bladder can be processed through our facility in under 15 minutes. That is 15 minutes from the time they sign in until the time they walk out the door. Some of my competitors have wait times of well over an hour before your even seen. That was a problem we sought to correct when we went in to business privately.

What types of employers do you do drug and alcohol screening for?

Well I’d like to preface by saying we don’t only serve employers. Arcpoint labs of Orlando Central is here for concerned parents and family members. Individuals who feel they have been exposed to date rape drugs. Concerned Home buyers who want to know if their property was used as a meth lab. People in recovery who want to know if substances are finally out of their system, or as part of their recovery program. Individuals who have to take test as part of a pain management regime, and people who have been court ordered to regularly undergo a screening.

Of course, we service the industries that are mandated by the Department of Transportation to undergo D.O.T. drug testing. However, substance abuse is not limited to any class, religion, race, creed, gender, or economic status, and screening is not limited to any industry. 70% of all drug and alcohol abusers are gainfully employed. Their drug or drinking problems, according to the U.S.  government translate into an $80 billion annual loss to the economy. The U.S.  Department of Labor says that these addicts on average cost their employer over $10,000.00 a year in things such as lost productivity, medical reimbursements, and theft of company property. Workers with alcohol problems were 2.7 times more likely than workers without them to have injury-related absences. The statistics are worse for drug users. It is such a problem that the state of Florida institutes a mandatory worker’s compensation discount for companies who establish a drug-free work place policy. If you have employees, then drug testing is going to save you money and you need a program in place.

What is the purpose of DNA testing?

DNA Testing is the most accurate way of identifying an individual and their genetic makeup. In my line of work people request DNA tests for many reasons. We have done DNA testing to establish a race horse was of proper pedigree. We have conducted DNA tests to eliminate people as suspects in a crime. We do ancestry DNA so people can discover their genealogical roots, or even to start the process of joining a Native American tribe. We have conducted DNA tests to prove infidelity for divorce cases. We do them for immigration, and estate management cases. Some people store their children’s DNA on file in case they ever go missing. Most commonly at Arcpoint Labs of Orlando Central, we do DNA paternity testing. Did you know 1 in 4 men tested for Paternity are not the father?

Do you do a lot of work for court cases? Last year Arcpoint Labs of Orlando Central processed over 15,000 court admissible specimens. Every test we perform is court admissible, unless the Client expressly request a non-admissible test for anonymity purposes. Myself, and my staff often serve in the role of expert witnesses for testimony.

How accurate are your drug tests?

This is a question I often get. That depends on what your definition and expectation of accurate is.

The first rule to understand with any drug test performed anywhere in the world is: A negative result does not constitute abstinence; it merely constitutes a lack of evidence.

The next thing to comprehend is that at Arcpoint Labs of Orlando Central 100% of our positive results are confirmed with an independent laboratory using one of the four gold standards of forensic science. Chromatic, Gas, Liquid, and Mass spectrometry. These confirmation methodologies have a fundamental ability to answer the question of what is present, effectively performing a qualitative analysis; while, simultaneously providing quantitative screening. This process along with the scrutiny of an independent doctor known as a Medical Review Officer, ensures that we eliminate the phenomenon known as a “False Positive.”

How far back can you detect drug use?

Using cutting edge technology, Arcpoint labs of Orlando Central can detect drug and alcohol use as far back as 1 year or we can whittle that window down to as little as 24 hours prior.

Different methodologies have drastically different limits of detection. Each case is unique.  A child custody or divorce case may require proving an entire year of abstinence.  A concerned couple may want to be assured that a mother did not use drugs during pregnancy; before committing to an adoption. An addict in recovery may need a test that only goes back one day to help them along with their treatment program. A concerned parent may require a urine test to detect alcohol use in the past 72 hours. We evaluate your needs and use our expertise to find the right methodology for your situation.

Do you offer different kinds of test depending on company policies?

Absolutely. Arcpoint Labs of Orlando Central can adhere to the guidelines of your specific needs, or we can even help you draft a policy to meet those needs. Sometimes you may be uncertain what those needs are, which is why we offer an initial expert consultation free of charge. There are laws with substances like Marijuana that are literally changing overnight throughout Florida and the country. Most people just want to run their business and be shielded from the liabilities of the lack of a good drug testing policy.

We are a proud veteran owned business and the core of our business is to be a “Fire and Forget” solution to screening needs.

Thank you Trey for your thoughts!
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