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What to know about the Elegant Smile, Nachi Yavo Explains

The mission of the Elegant Smile is to help bring out everyone’s natural smile in the most comfortable setting possible. They are fully aware that many out there may dread a visit to the dentist. So they do their utmost to alleviate those concerns and work on you having healthy teeth without any discomfort while at the same time having the smile you deserve.

We’ll speak with the Elegant Smile’s cosmetic dental specialist, Nachi Yavo. We are going to ask Nachi Yavo some common questions to help get you comfortable with your next visit to the Elegant Smile.

So, what type of dentistry do you offer?

“We offer a full and diverse range of services. First and foremost, we are primary dental care practitioners that can handle tooth pain, root canals, fillings, crowns and cleanings. On top of that, we also have a cosmetic dentistry practice. This includes braces and Invisalign, veneers and tooth whitening.”

Do you offer any other services?

“We do specialty dentistry that helps you get that elegant smile we’re known for. This includes implants, gum cuts and tooth reconstruction, as well as helping to align your bite.”

What is your smile makeover?

“Excellent Question. Think of this makeover as getting your teeth to look as perfect as your bright smile already is. Every patient is different, and we work with each patient to provide a curated and unique approach to getting them the perfect smile through the makeover. It tends to be a combination of our services, from cosmetic dentistry to recommending implants. These are all based on your specific needs.”

Does your clinic handle medical tourism?

Absolutely. It’s a way to help manage the costs of the treatments to help fit many types of budgets while at the same time giving you a relaxing and exotic destination to be able to recover. You can reach out directly to us to get more information. We take the time to properly vet any potential overseas partners that live up to our standards here at The Elegant Smile.”

Nachi, what is the most important aspect for you as a dentist?

“Well, I find that every patient has the right to transparency when it comes to our offering and my expertise. At the same time, I ensure they feel completely comfortable, as that will help the procedure and recovery time if any. I want my patients to be happy, healthy and smile often.”

Anything else we should know Nachi?

“We speak Hebrew, English and Spanish, depending on what our clientele needs and are ready to answer any questions about any of our offerings.”

In the end

The Elegant Smile is ready to take you on as a client, and they have a variety of payment options for those items where insurance may not be sufficient. They promise that you will always leave a satisfied customer and that the investment that you’re making is completely on yourself. The Elegant Smile looks forward to seeing you.

Joseph Yavo

If you would like to follow up with Nachi Yavo, please visit