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What is momencio and how can it help generate leads for you

A huge number of different businesses exist across the globe whose primary goal is to capture leads and convert them to sales. Such businesses are typically operating in a highly competitive environment.

It is no wonder that these businesses are constantly looking out for the next big thing to help capture leads, and to be viable in this industry, your business must do the same thing to create a competitive advantage. Any form of lead generation should be pursued with effort to create maximum conversions and ultimately sales for the business.

With that being said, allow us to introduce to you, momencio. momencio was formed and founded in 2012 and has established itself as a game changer in the industry, with its clientele consisting of small businesses all the way to Fortune 100 companies in a variety of industries.

momencio is designed as a software as a service (SaaS) platform offering a number of different features which can be used to allow its users to effectively capture and engage leads.

So, how does it function?

momencio offers two basic functions within its platform for its users. First off, momencio has an events/tradeshow function in which it will act to prospect and capture leads, primarily within an event or tradeshow environment.

This works by allowing a QR code to be scanned which then captures the data from the scanned person’s badge and inputs it into momencio. This data is compiled together in an easy to visualize way and can be used for analysis and decision making in the future. With so much data available through the scan of a QR code, it makes complete sense for any business looking to understand and analyse its demographic to capture this data in order to generate leads. The platform is also functional with other technology such as RFID tags, magnetic strip and so on, and can be displayed through mobile and tablet devices (momencio is available in the App Store / Play Store) making it easy to scan and use.

Within the sales edition functionality, momencio allow users to present digital collateral and use them in automated email follow ups. Functioning as a complete CRM tool, the users of momencio will be able to keep in touch and cultivate relationships throughout the sales lifecycle.

Furthermore, automation is a key part of the functionality momencio brings to the table. Minor details such as administrative tasks of data entry, compilation, storage and access can all be completed automatically by the system rather than manually. Saving these hours means that the workforce can be redirected towards more important parts of the operation which cannot be automated. The business intelligence brought by momencio means that data, analytics and intel can be compiled and inserted into the sales process, making decision making much more fruitful through actionable insights. These insights are based on customer engagement, allowing for prioritization.

The technology allows the rating of each prospect based on how engaged they are, prompting the user to take action. Sales managers within the business are able to track their workforce and determine the return on investment from events and tradeshows that take place. Moreover, higher ups have the ability to track performance levels of the entire sales and marketing effort through aggregate analytics.

Who is momencio perfect for?

momencio is great for any corporation who is involved in sales and is customer facing, regardless of if you are a small business or a large entity. Moreover, any business which is involved in events and tradeshows would benefit greatly from the use of momencio. Roles within business such as salespeople, sales managers, and brand marketers would all find the use of momencio beneficial.

Overall, momencio is a platform which is aimed to the above and can be utilized to capture leads and track their progress, whilst providing automation of administrative tasks. This allows the business to focus on engaging leads to ultimately make more sales.