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Tushar Roy from Healerly talks about making holistic healing more accessible to help reduce global suffering

Holistic healing services are something that anyone can benefit from engaging with, but many people don’t know how to take that first step or find a healer that suits them. Tushar Roy is someone who is determined to address this issue and make holistic wellness healing more accessible around the world, and he’s managed to do this with the launch of Healerly. Tushar Roy launched Healerly to reduce suffering in the world caused by the COVID pandemic by bringing holistic wellness healing services to a greater number of people.

Tushar Roy also has an Executive Education in Digital Strategy from Harvard Business School as well as an MBA from Stevens Institute of Technology in Information Systems.

Tushar Roy was kind enough to answer some questions about Healerly.

What prompted you to start Healerly?

Living in New York in 2020, I found I was struggling to find holistic healing services in the area. After spending a long time searching online and visiting hundreds of websites, I never ended up finding a suitable provider for my needs.

This inspired me to create Healerly, an open marketplace for holistic healers and those interested in their services to connect and engage. I wanted to create a platform where people could find not only healing activities, but also groups, events, and meet-ups.

Essentially, Healerly was born out of my desperation to find holistic healing services near me. I’m glad it inspired me to create a platform where I can help as many people as possible get greater access to holistic healing services.

What kind of people benefit from Healerly most?

Healerly is really for anyone and everyone. It’s suited for people of any level of familiarity with holistic healing, whether they be a long-time advocate like me or if they are just discovering natural healing for the first time.

Many people have used Healerly to connect with their first holistic wellness practitioner and have had a great experience with it. The platform makes it so easy to connect that anyone can do it and get a great outcome.

With COVID affecting the world and causing a lot of suffering for people, both physically and mentally, Healerly couldn’t have come at a better time. Many people suffering mentally due to losing their job or a loved one during the pandemic have turned to Healerly to connect with natural healing professionals.

What kind of wellness services can be found on Healerly?

Anything you can imagine! Really, we have a thriving community of holistic healers and sufferers who connect together to engage in all kind of mental healing services. We fuse all the powers of mindfulness, mediation, yoga and more to give people help no matter how old they are or what issues they are dealing with.

For many people, Healerly is their 24-7 online support system that connects them with the holistic healing they desire when it matters most. We also provide free wellness e-books via the website so people can easily access essential natural healing information.

How do you make it easy for healers to set up on Healerly?

Glad you asked! Healerly has been designed from the ground up to make it easy for healers of any level of experience to set up their profile and ensure their services get noticed. We offer a full suite of free tools that enable healers to do everything from upload photos, respond to reviews, share their schedule, and track analytics.

With visibility in over 160 countries, Healerly is genuinely global and enables healers from around the globe to promote their services to a wider audience. This is the vision of Healerly – helping more people connect when they otherwise had trouble finding each other.

What’s next for Healerly?

Right now we are focused on expanding our network of healers and helping our marketplace thrive even more. This is why we are offering $0 listing for the first year so that healers can get established and see just how great being a part of Healerly is for connecting with clients around the globe.

Thank you Tushar for your time!
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