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How internet entrepreneur Tory Waligroski went from being $35k in debt to having multiple six-figure income streams

Tory Waligroski has always been an entrepreneur at heart. His early claim to fame is developing a network on Vine that ended up having over 15 million followers. Once that platform went the way of the dodo, he shifted into becoming even more successful on Instagram through monetizing non-personalized pages like @weed.

As someone who used to be saddled with $35K in debt, Tory has made quite the turnaround by now enjoying multiple six-figure income streams. Part of what has helped Tory become incredibly successful in the social media world was his ability to network. Living in Los Angeles meant he had a tremendous amount of opportunities to network. In fact, he would go to parties for the sole purpose of networking and rubbing elbows with people who would buy his social media marketing services.

To be a successful networker, you can’t be shy. Not only that, but you need to be tenacious and bold. Tory would regularly send DMs on Instagram to people who appeared like they would be enjoying a mutually beneficial business relationship. This tactic turned out to pay off, big time.

However, Tory’s success was not without its challenges. In fact, he had taken a nosedive when he was 22 and veered off the path of success due to personal issues. Tory hit complete rock bottom. Those were the days where he was living off the money he had saved previously from success on social media. Yet, it wasn’t enough to avoid plunging $35,000 into debt as he attempted to rebuild his life.

Tory Waligroski

This became the absolute lowest point in his life up until then. He had to move back home to his parents because he was flat-out broke. His relationship with his ex-girlfriend was on thin ice and there was a constant struggle living a life that was the polar opposite of what he was used to.

This challenging period of Tory’s life lasted for around a year and a half before he was able to start making ends meet again. Putting his life back together was something he had to do from the ground-up. He was making deliveries for Uber Eats 10-12 hours a day, all to make just $80 a day. This was absolutely brutal for Tory, and the only thing that kept him going was listening to motivational podcasts showcasing entrepreneurs like Gary Vee.

Soon enough, Tory was able to save enough money while driving around delivering food. He was consuming an enormous amount of positive content that had a profound effect on his mindset. Tory was able to lift himself out of depression and use his Uber Eats money to fuel his social media ventures. From there, he quickly rose to developed his first six-figure revenue stream, followed by many more. Tory’s success story shows that you can go from the bottom to the top with a simple mindset shift.

You can follow Tory on Instagram, as well as Facebook and TikTok.