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Torenzo discusses his music and the influence of hip-hop culture

Torenzo Perry, known simply as ‘Torenzo’ professionally, is a up and coming hip-hop artists who has found and built an audience through his Soundcloud profile. Torenzo is very much in-touch with the musical roots that have inspired his style of hip-hip and isn’t afraid to be honest about where he thinks commercial hip-hip has suffered creatively.

Listing to his latest tracks:

Torenzo has an impressive portfolio of work behind him and a lot to talk about when it comes to the future. Hip-hop fans will appreciate his refreshingly humble style and there’s something there for people who haven’t traditionally been drawn to the genre.

Torenzo answered some questions about his career and his views on the hip-hop industry.

How’s life going for you and your career so far?

Life for me right now is chill and very humbling. I enjoy seeing my family. So as long as they’re happy I’m always in a good state of mind.

So, can you clarify what exactly is your career in entertainment?

I’m a musician first. Also “Torenzo” is my real name and my artist name. Everything else is just promo until I retire from music. Simple. I don’t try to intentionally confuse anyone that follows me.

What are your thoughts on the culture of hip hop today?

Well in today’s “informational era” it’s important to know what you stand for. Hip hop today is obviously the hottest genre of my time. There’s only a select few that stick out but honestly most of it sounds identical. That’s why the value of hip hop has gone down. Not “value” in a sense of money but “value” in a sense of real meaning and lyrics.

I’ve had conversations with my elders about how lyrics use to be direct. That’s the culture I want my music to be remembered or viewed. I love the culture of hip hop as a whole and have respect for those who came before me, but I move on the sense of my own energy. I know the streets are talking about me and as long as they love me, I’m cool.

A source showed us a photo of you in a mma gym. Would you like to share anything about it?

I first began professional boxing lessons at Wolfpack MMA out of my hometown. Then, I later received training from 10 Planet Mobile Jiu Jitsu out of Mobile, Alabama. The rest of my training I tend to keep private because I don’t want to provoke anyone.

I understand in today’s world people will do anything for attention or some money, and that’s why I choose to keep that side of me hidden.

How would you describe your sound to the people that listen to you or may not have heard of you?

My sound is rooted from hip hop with a mix of soul and R&B. Every now and then I like the faint sound of pop in my work. I love the sound of piano. I take my sound seriously because I know I’m original.

How would you describe your musical talent roots?

I try to avoid name dropping as much as possible but I say this out of respect for the one’s who came before me. I began listening to Otis Redding around 18 years old and from the moment I heard his voice I was hooked. Many people my age said he was old and outdated, but I don’t think they understand that’s disrespectful to our musical culture.

Any time I hear an Otis Redding record it feels like I’m at a show. So, my energy gravitates to that same musical feeling. The same exact way my energy gravitates towards Shawn Mendes as well. Which hints to the reason why I never dropped music just to “put it out there”.

The influence I receive from Tupac is his passion from what he stood for as a person. I wish I was old enough to experience that era because for some reason I feel connected to him.

And lastly, Kanye’s early work and N.W.A’s work inspired me as well. I knew from the beginning that if I decided to formally become a rapper or musician then every project I release needed to be deeply rooted from my soul, what I stand for and educating myself on the real culture of hip hop.

So, I’m going to ask the main question most of your fans probably want to know. When are you releasing your next project?

Well I wouldn’t necessarily call them fans but my next project will be titled “King Zo”. This is a special project because I’m only going to drop these three times in our timeline. A beginning, middle, and end.

I will never have a feature on “King Zo” because the purpose of the project is to make it a classic for my generation only off my name. However, I am open to features on any other work. The official release date for “King Zo” will be November 27th, 2019. I was going to drop a single but I’m just going to drop the whole classic.

Is there anything extra you would like to say about “King Zo”?

I love hip hop culture. It’s rooted in my bloodline. But for one track, I decided to reword the lyrics a bit. Because I don’t want the public to misinterpret anything. The “King Zo” collection will always be my best work. So, I’m only going to drop these three times in my musical career. I’ve actually sat down with my family and learned about my history. So, it’s important that every word I put in my lyrics matter, so I won’t give out the wrong image to the people. My lyrics are me.

“Passion” is the first project I had ever put out and I purposely didn’t push it to be seen because I knew from the beginning how I wanted to pace myself. “Love Life” was prematurely released because there was a lot of chaos behind the scenes. So, I decided to remove most of the tracks. That’s why I ventured out into other fields in entertainment for two years. Mainly to try something new but honestly it was all promo for this project. Traveling from state to state exposed me to what people were actually listening to, actually feeling, and the fact I’m doing something most artists don’t understand.

Where can people follow your journey?

I’m most active on:
– SoundCloud
– Instagram
– Twitter

or just search my name anywhere online.