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Tony and Jessica Martinez, Your Real Estate Fam.

Tony and Jessica Martinez talk about their business Your Real Estate Fam REALTORS (R) at EXP Realty

Tony and Jessica Martinez run the realtor business, Your Real Estate Fam. With expertise in both buyer and seller services, Tony and Jessica have cultivated a reputation for success, consistency and fairness. Based in Orland Park, Illinois, Tony and Jessica have gradually built a strong connection with their local community, which they hope to develop and grow into the future.

Both Tony and Jessica were able to take some time away from their business, so they could answer a few questions we had about Real Estate Fam Realtors.

Prior to starting Real Estate Fam Realtors, what line of work were you both in?

Tony served 12 years in the military, in construction and civil engineering for both the Navy and Air Force. He’s been deployed multiple times for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Jessica previously worked in the healthcare field as a sleep technologist. She performed sleep studies and helped individuals who suffered several different types of sleeping disorders.

When did you start Real Estate Fam Realtors and what was the main mission?

The idea started in 2012 when we purchased our starter home. Having never bought real estate, we went in blindly. As we look back, we always wish that someone would have given us better guidance and walked us through the process because it was a stressful experience.  Reflecting on our not so pleasant home buying experience and our desire to help others, we knew we found our passion, and that was to assist others with their real estate transactions, but it didn’t stop there. We wanted to do even more and developed this idea to give back. The process of buying and selling wasn’t the only struggle.  The financial aspect also played a big part. If we could lighten the burden, even a little bit, that would help others and giving back is such an important thing to do in this short life.

Were there any initial challenges you faced when establishing the business?

We were judged by other realtors who didn’t agree with us giving back to our clients.  They didn’t share the same values and beliefs as we do. We take pride in being able to give back to families and individuals in our communities. These people deserve the world! They are protecting us, keeping our communities safe, teaching our children, healing us serving our country and so much more.

What type of customers generally come to you in need of real estate assistance?

We help everyone from first time home buyers, military families who are relocating, individuals selling, individuals who aren’t quite ready to buy but need the guidance so they can get in the position to buy, those who are looking to invest in their future, investors, luxury homes/ apartments and many more.

In your experiences, what is the most common mistake made by customers when purchasing a new home?

We feel the most common mistake is choosing to do a For Sale By Owner. Reasons being; the liability is all on the seller, paperwork is daunting, scams can occur, FSBOs sell for less, FSBOs spend more time on the market, sellers can get stuck in a bad deal and marketing is limited. Non realtors don’t have the expertise or the access to the resources we agents have. Choosing to sell your home is a massive life decision that will have both personal and financial repercussions. When you sell your home with an agent, we carry something known as E&O Insurance, which covers any potential errors. This gives you an additional layer of protection. When selling a home on your own, you have no such firewall. If an undisclosed issue emerges later, it could lead to legal problems. We are here for you and have your best interest at heart.

What would be your advice to someone trying to sell their home in the current economic climate?

No one can predict how the housing market will perform, but studying the comparable recently sold properties can help. Knowing you are ready to sell isn’t as easy as waking up and deciding to, but there are ways to know if it’s a good opportunity and the right decision, for you, your family, and your finances.  You must have a plan. Have you outgrown your house? Are you financially ready to sell? If the answers are yes, then it may be time. By waiting to sell or buy you are missing opportunities.  You are potentially missing that perfect buyer.

What are your future plans for Real Estate Fam Realtors and how will you hope to achieve them?

We want to be known as a house hold name that people know and trust. We want our community to know they can count on us to provide support and quality service. We are a family who treats our clients like family. Our relationship doesn’t stop at the closing table. We build long lasting relationships because we genuinely care. During the duration of our real estate transactions we take the time to get to know our clients, their families and lives. As for Homes For Guardians, we are proud to announce we are in the process of transitioning to 501c3 non for profit organization.  This is something we have dreamed of for a long time and it is becoming a reality.  This will allow us to make an even more positive impact on our community and help on a larger scale. We are excited to go above and beyond with our charitable donations and give back to many in need.

Thank you Tony and Jessica for your time!
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