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The Pearl of the Caribbean has produced a young businessman Magnate

Being an Entrepreneur is a priesthood, knowing this a Young Businessman Magnate in Metro-Atlanta,very motivated wanna change the world and shows it’s possible Now! This is the Story of Pierre Cheelton Saint-Jacques. Like the Haitian proverb says : Chita pa bay.” Translation: “Sitting doesn’t yield. Meaning, one must work to receive.” Before turning 30  which is a new chapter in life , this young man wanna  prove his legacy is here on earth not the Heaven. From now on he started creating Multiple Streams of Income.

Pierre Cheelton Saint-Jacques

Having been part of the generation the Millennials, a generation born into the age of information. According to Forbes Magazine ‘ this generation has been described as lazy, narcissistic, entitled and unable to stay in one job, have also been described as the most purpose driven and potentially the most entrepreneurial of all previous generations.’ That being said despite these high levels of interest in starting their own businesses, data shows millennials are actually less likely to be entrepreneurs than previous generations. Data from the US Small Business Administration found that fewer than 4% of 30-year-olds were self-employed full-time. Understanding the stakes of the problem, there is a young Pioneer who has walked through all the economic dangers able to prove he can sign his own check without going through a human resources , his name is Pierre Cheelton Saint-Jacques, also knows as Pisiwann which is a business name recognizes by the Local and the federal Government. From this, this young man of Haitian origin, immigrated to the United States of America during his early twenties had in his hands his financial plan built on a very solid rock.As you know Uncle Sam is a The Top country that opens up countless opportunities to all nations regardless of race,all lives matter.Pierre Cheelton Saint-Jacques understands the bigger picture of the situation, starting by proving they can take their feet off his neck.

Reportage Française sur Pisiwann and T-Pin

Pierre Cheelton Saint-Jacques is the Managing Director of Pisiwann LLC, a black owned start-up company operating in Georgia State as a huge cloud Marketing, Advertising Venture specializing in Multi-Level Marketing, Affiliate & Networking Marketing, Music marketing, , promotion& Ads , distribution commercial video, social media advertising, Translation, transportation, and Real estate. He is also The Executive  director of Pierre Cheelton Corp , a non profit organization operating in general charitable purpose. These two organizations have been the result of hard work since 2005 when he began to think about how he can leave his mark in this difficult world system of thing.As You can see this 29 year old man is very mature for his age, his resume talks about him , for a lot people it’s the most impressive for a young man suppose to focus on having fun during his life however decided to manage his time efficiently by helping the world financially and spiritually , spiritually talking we have a lot to say about him this space is not enough to contain the full details of the story. In his business goal , Pierre Cheelton Saint-Jacques totally understand The world of digital Marketing Agencies system  is indeed a vast industry and operates all over the world especially in rich countries such as the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Italy etc..

This is the reason why a lot  companies choose to use of modern technology and also platforms like as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram, in order to reach a much bigger target market as against making use of mainstream marketing tools something that cost a lot.. As a Media Buying advertising Agency Pierre Cheelton Saint-Jacques has made some partnerships with the Biggest in Silicon Valley , the world’s largest high-tech companies. The Partnership is as a Vendor diversity, inclusion and equity , influencer, buyer ,seller, affiliate , networking.

Pierre Cheelton Saint-Jacques

Over and above, digital marketing has become an important tool for promoting one’s businesses as it relates to products and services all over the world, not only to sell to customers but also to engage them. Being a dynamic and charismatic man, a young man self-taught in financial figures Pierre Cheelton knows very well how to progress his business, to give jobs to people, to make a profit to improve our living conditions in this current world. Isn’t that what you expect from a good leader?

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