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The Mysterious Duo of d3adc0de: Uncovering the Identities Behind the Ambitious Rock-Electronic Band

d3adc0de is an electro-rock duo band that has made a splash in the music industry. The band combines a unique distinction of its founders, Stephen Sims and Steven Morgan, that has gone unparalleled in the music industry. The two are ethical hackers by profession who share a profound love of music. They met at an advanced cyber-security institute, where they worked to safeguard systems from external threats.

Aside from their unbeatable talent in the hacking industry, the duo realized they shared a music history and were members of rock bands. Stephen Sims worked with the band Solid State Logic, band and Steven Morgan in the Stellar Revival band. Driven by passion, which is their greatest anchor to success, Stephen and Steven were determined to bring a new wave into the rock industry. They joined forces to bring their future-forward tech sensibilities and aesthetics into the music industry, and as a result, they founded d3adc0de in 2020.

The music industry has seen the release of many songs that have gone popular briefly before going underground without leaving any lingering effect lingering in listeners’ minds. To ensure their songs attract many listeners and hit the top music charts, Stephen and Steven infuse their songs with technical and sci-fi elements. This has seen their music reach beyond social media and rise to galaxies and lifetimes. “In a world filled with ephemeral singles that come and go so quickly, we aim to make music that commands your attention and requires you to engage and dive into it,” the d3adc0de founders share. 

The highly-competitive industry requires captivating and enthralling music for the listeners. d3adc0de band blends the lines between music, cinema, and performance, becoming more rewarding to music enthusiasts who want to explore and immerse themselves in something alien. “It’s all about the sensorial environment that will enthrall listeners with a full-on immersive experience,” Steven says.

d3adc0de has had an accolade of achievements, with their major one being the debut single “Fight or Flight,” which is accompanied by a cinematic video that has made a significant impact in the industry. The single dives into the futuristic world, leaving fans yearning for more from the duo. Other notable achievements include being signed to Capitol Records as Stellar Revival, releasing a remix of their first single along with “The Crystal Method”, and mixing songs by grammy award-winning engineers, Tom Lord Alge and Zakk Cervini.

Stephen and Steven are not about to slow down as they aim to make headlines in the music scene. They have created a metaverse allowing users to explore their virtual environment, learn about band members, and watch music videos with other fans. According to d3adc0de, music is not meant to last for only a short time and vanish. They want to create music that will stand the test of time and impact future generations. “We plan to perform in unique venues that simulate and immerse the audience through augmented reality integrated with our concerts,” the duo adds.  

To remain relevant in the music industry, artists have to keep producing new music that is refreshing yet entertaining. Stephen and Steven are confident to do so and have in-store music videos that will build a name for themselves in the industry. “We also have a series of music videos to release to build a saga titled, A Place Outside Time. It will tell a galaxy-spanning saga going beyond the edges of reality,” the d3adc0de founders conclude.