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How the Humans Love Love Foundation is Restoring Hope to Those in Need of Mental Health Care

As I was driving through Albany, NY last Thursday morning, my mind was beginning to wander. As building after building passed by, my drive was getting repetitive and frankly quite boring. Suddenly, a pop of color caught my attention. A sign appeared in the distance and it was instantly like a breath of fresh air.

The pastel colors of the logo and the writing shone brightly against a black background and while the visual elements did draw my eye to the billboard, it was the message it read that left a lasting impact on me for days to come.

Live with hope, heal with love”. Six simple words that can mean so much. It has been a difficult few years for people all around the world. Some days, it has been hard to have hope. The relentless nature of life can certainly be overwhelming for me, for my friends and family, for everyone. Hope has a funny way of simultaneously feeling like the hardest thing to have and the only thing we can have.

When we have nothing else, hope is the little spark that pushes us to keep going, to find the light at the end of the tunnel. When we live with hope we have the ability to heal from our sorrows. Sometimes a reminder as simple as a billboard with these six words can give us the strength needed to find hope and move towards it with love.

As these words continued to occupy my mind for the next few days, I became intrigued by who might be behind this billboard. Fortunately, my memory served me well, and I recalled seeing a website address at the bottom of the sign. I visited and was delighted by what I found.

The organization is a minority-led non-profit that is dedicated to helping people that are struggling with their mental health access the healthcare that they need. Their goal is to encourage every single person on their journey to recovery and assist them in creating a life where they can feel hope’s presence once more.

The Humans Love Love Foundation was founded by UC Berkeley attendee Alton Grey Zheng. Zheng founded the foundation in order to provide grants to individuals in need of mental healthcare. In 2021, the organization awarded two grants to individuals living with depression and anxiety, allowing them to receive much needed therapy.

The foundation continues to work towards providing underserved individuals with hope and love, giving them the life that they deserve. To support the foundation, you can make a tax exempt donation on their website and contribute towards restoring hope in the lives of others.