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The complete guide to Viva TV APK

When it comes to streaming applications available to Android devices, Viva TV APK is one of the most popular at successful. Used by millions of people around the world who want to get a taste of the latest movies and television, Viva TV APK has become increasingly popular with the ability to also use it on other devices like smart TVs and desktop computers or laptops.

Over the years the service has changed a great deal. A lot of people have become concerned about issues like cyber-crime and identity theft due to the sometimes-questionable nature of where content is sourced. The key thing to note is that Viva TV APK is simply an application that enables people to stream media with the presumption that users will act in good faith and avoid copyrighted material.

If you are looking into using this kind of application and have no prior experience, then you would understandably have various concerns and questions. The following guide is going to talk about all the important things you need to know about Viva TV APK and how to use it.

How does Viva TV APK work?

Viva TV APK how it works
Photo: Viva TV APK

Viva TV APK is designed to operate by allowing individual users the ability to download or stream content from a variety of different sources. The application is entirely free to download, install and use – it makes its money by serving ads to users. The ads are served to make up for the server costs of hosting the content and pay the salaries of the application’s creators. It is a trade-off for users; the content on Viva TV APK is free to stream and download at any time, but you will need to put up with ads.

What are the legal considerations?

When it comes to the legal considerations around Viva TV APK, users need to understand that the onus is on them to use the application in good faith. This means that users are encouraged only to access content that is in the public domain and not material that is copyrighted.

Of course, asking people to do something and them actually doing it are two different things. The app makers clearly state that the application is only a window to a world where users need to act with their own discretion when streaming or downloading content.

Because Viva TV APK is used around the world by millions of different people, local laws about accessing and consuming copyrighted content vary significantly. In a country like Russia, copyright laws are far more relaxed when compared to a country like the United States.

Viva TV APK does not have any direct control over what types of content are access through its application and does not seek to ask questions about the origins of content its users consume. This means the application creators continually encourage users to only watch content that is not copyrighted.

Naturally, the big paid-for streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Stan, and more recently, Disney Plus, all would dislike the existence and widespread use of applications like Viva TV APK. This is for the obvious reason that people who might choose to stream copyrighted content via the application won’t then go and pay for the content via official channels. For users, the fact they need to put up with so many intrusive ads while they use the application is a fair trade-off.

These are the reasons that you won’t find the Viva TV APK application inside storefronts like Google Play because of its affiliation with access to pirated materials. Android users who want to use Viva TV APK need to download a file through their phone’s browser (or on their desktop and transfer it their phone via USB cable) and run it as an installer on their phone, independent of the default app store users would be familiar with.

In order to find the file, a user would typically need to use a search engine within their internet browser and search for the keyword ‘Viva TV APK’. They would then be served with a list of results, some reliable and trustworthy, others not so much.

This is why, if you are interested in using Viva TV APK to stream royalty-free content, you should only download the installer from the link at the start of this guide. There are many mislabelled, outdated or downright malicious download prompts out there designed to trick you into making a fatal click that could expose your device to a virus or malware.

This might be a little daunting for someone to do for the first time, especially if they have only ever gotten their applications through an official storefront. Users should make sure they are careful before they click on anything labelled as a download link.

Is it safe to use on my devices?

Viva TV APK device
Photo: Viva TV APK

Viva TV APK is fine to use on its own. The only risk that can come from using it is if you download the wrong link in you original search for the application. There are no viruses or malware or anything else to worry about with the official Viva TV APK application and users can take advantage of its features with total peace of mind.

Of course, as we mentioned before; a big danger for users trying to find a link to the application is dodgy links. Because Viva TV APK can’t be downloaded via an official app store, there can be no real oversight or download verification that protects users as they would be when downloading applications within an official infrastructure.

Unfortunately, some people believe that the developers have not spent enough time updating new features when compared with the new ads that are being introduced. On the other hand, others report no issues with the application and that the ads they are served are not too annoying to deal with.

It really comes down to the individual user’s personal preference with how and why they want to download and utilise Viva TV APK. As mentioned, users need to exercise their own caution and discretion when using this application.

Viva TV APK uses a 3rd party video player application that will often either serve the use an advertisement before the video begins (pre-roll ad) or at different points spaced out across the media content. In an average movie a user can expect to have their stream halted at least 3 or 4 time for an ad to be served that they cannot pause or skip.

Advantages and disadvantages of Viva TV APK

The following will examine a few of the distinct advantages and disadvantages of Viva TV APK so that users can be more informed about whether or not they want to utilise it.


  • Content variety – There is a huge range of content available on Viva TV APK including Bollywood, Korean Drama and Western TV and movies like the newest Marvel universe movies that are popular all around the globe. When it comes to the sheer amount of content available on the platform, it’s clear it see why it is so popular.
  • The price is right – Of course, the main drawn of Viva TV APK is that people can watch a huge array of content absolutely free (the only need to put up with some ads).
  • Ease of use – The Viva TV APK application has been designed from top to bottom with the end user in mind. This means that the app has an intuitive and easy-to-use GUI (graphical user interface) that allows people to easily access what they want and navigate the app.
  • Easy to download and install – While there is a risk of accidentally clicking on a malicious link claiming to take users to a download for Viva TV APK, if users are careful, they will be able to easily avoid said risk. The installation is easy.
  • Offline downloads – The application also enables users to download videos within the app to watch when they are offline. This can be incredibly handy when you need to go on a long flight or want to watch your favourite TVs and movies when you don’t have any connection to the internet. It can also help you save money on data charges, as if you download a movie on your home WiFi you can then watch it at your convenience when you are out and about without incurring any data charges.


  • Annoying ads – Sometimes the ads the application (or at least it’s chosen 3rd party video player) serves to users can be quite intrusive to say the least. They will often not be relevant to the user and be annoying to get rid of by having a ‘close ad’ button that’s small and hard for fingers to hit, causing people to accidentally tap through to the ads landing page.
  • Copyright issues – Of course, the big elephant in the room when it comes to these kinds of applications is their tacit use as portals that allow people to stream copyrighted content for free. This is not the issue of the app itself, but how some users may be tempted to utilise it.

Making use of Viva TV APK on Android devices

Viva TV APK android phone
Photo: Viva TV APK

You can use Viva TV APK on pretty much all android devices, and it is very easy to install. All you need to do is download the APK file then run it within your phone so the application can install. Once the app is installed, you’ll have access to an almost unlimited array of TV and movie content from around the world.

Dealing with common errors

Commonplace playback errors with Viva TV APK can normally be resolved by disabling updates within your Google Play application. There are also developer setting you can use to reset the application to its default state.

Frequently asked questions about Viva TV APK

Here are some questions that are commonly asked with regards to Viva TV APK.

Is there a cost to use Viva TV APK?

Nope, it’s free to use it!

Is there a way to download and watch content offline?

Yes, it is easy to download your favourite TV and movies to watch when you don’t have a way of getting an internet connection.

What are the types of devices that can support Viva TV APK?

Here is a list of devices that support this application:

  • Android phones
  • Smarts TVS running Android software
  • TV boxes running Android software
  • Some NVIDIA streaming devices
  • Firestick
  • Fire Cube
  • Ruke
  • Android SmartWatch

+ more

Can Viva TV APK be used on an Apple iPhone?

No, Viva TV APK can’t be used with Apple devices like the iPhone or MacBook because the IOS infrastructure does not support third party installers like an APK file. Apple does not want its users to have the ability to be exposed to files outside of their tightly controlled architecture, meaning that it would not be easy for an average person to get around the system.

Final word

Viva TV APK is a really awesome application for what it allows users to do. When you get this application, you are given an unprecedented level of choice when it comes to the array of movies and television content you can stream. The bonus that you can download content to watch within the app when you are offline make it ever more attractive, especially for people who travel a lot.

The application has heaps of options within it and gives users so much control and freedom in how they approach their consumption of the content available. This means that a huge array of people can easily access and enjoy content that they otherwise could not access because of something that got in their way such as the cost of streaming platforms.

For many people, Viva TV APK is a great alternative to the mix of mainstream streaming platforms out there. Again, the onus is on the end user to be responsible in what kind of content they consume via the application.

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