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Talal Mansour from Forex Liquidity Strategy talks about the art of trading

Talal Mansour is a co-founder and a  key member of the reliable team at Forex Liquidity Strategy. As one of the fastest growing trading platforms in the industry, Forex Liquidity Strategy have been in operation since 2012. They have developed a strong reputation in the industry, providing all the necessary tools required to become a successful and balanced forex trader. They provide comprehensive packages, clear instructions, daily recommendations tailored to help you improve and insider gossip designed to help you get the most out of your investments.

Thankfully, Talal answered a few of our questions about Forex Liquidity Strategy.

How did you get involved with Forex Liquidity Strategy?

I’ve been at FLS since the beginning, way back in 2012. The idea started out with a simple business model – simplify trading procedures for customers. We tested our model with several currencies and the results were terrific. Our improvement continued and, as a result, long-term profitability has become a reality with our business. Because of our commitment to this development, we have been able to foster intraday trading of 28 currency pairs. Our business was created with the hope that all traders, regardless of skill and knowledge, could come to our business for assistance.

What kind of customers use your service?

Many different types of customers use our service. Naturally, traders who want to trade in currency stocks are a big chunk of our customer base. In terms of demographics, we have found that a lot of older people, nearing the age of retirement, like to get involved and maximise their savings. Moreover, younger people looking to support their primary income are also keen to get involved and give it a go.

How does your trading software work and how is it different from other trading platforms?

Our trading software operates on the basis of scaling the market. Because of this, customers can rely on our software’s depth in order to make effective trading decisions regarding liquidity and other important factors. Trading is made easier with our software. We also tailor our offerings to suit specific customers, which is something that other providers simply don’t do.

What differentiates Forex Liquidity Strategy from other Forex brokers?

Firstly, we are not strictly a broker; we prefer to see ourselves as a service company. With our guidance, you will apply the most effective trading strategies followed by banks and financial institutions.

You will create your own trading patterns, ignoring all standards methods. Using this mantra, you can effectively learn how the market works and always be in control.

You will become a market maker. Forex Liquidity Strategy will help you develop a winning mindset leading to professional wealth management. This is our guarantee and something that puts us above the rest.

What kinds of financial advice does Forex Liquidity Strategy offer?

Our advanced trading software serves as an analytical platform that’s based on volume spread analysis. The software generates digital numbers presenting 28 currencies pairs and 8 currencies indexes along with liquidity, volatility and trends for each index and pair.

These comprehensive listings provide you with the necessary information to make effective, safe and profitable decisions regarding your portfolio.

What should customers watch out for when choosing an organisation in your industry?

If you want a reliable and safe forex trader to consult with, then you want an organisation that is flexible. Herein, you want someone who can provide a package of everything you could possibly need.

Daily recommendations to secure the best inter day deals are important, just like receiving reliable advice on the best tradable currencies in the market. Naturally, you want a user interface that is clean and organised, presenting the market liquidity in a transparent way to make informed decisions with lower risk. Moreover, you want an app that allows you to avoid opposing the market and getting involved in unprofitable deals.