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Struggling to pass your IT certifications? Vansh Malhotra outlines how CBTproxy can help

If you want to succeed in the IT world, then you need to be doing everything you can to strengthen your professional resume and capabilities. There are dozens of different certificate vendors, each of which can provide up and coming IT professionals with the necessary skills to improve their employability chances. If you’re prone to struggling through exams, mainly because of stress and exam anxiety, then do not fret for CBTproxy is here to help. CBTproxy provides IT graduates and professionals with a comprehensive range of support services, designed to help past the test first time.

Not convinced? Well, Vansh Malhotra from CBTproxy was able to answer some of our questions.

Thanks for your time, Vansh. What was the primary motivation behind starting CBTproxy?

CBTproxy was established in 2015 and formally registered as an official website domain in 2018. The purpose of our organisation is simple – to provide IT and tech workers with a competent and reliable platform to enhance their industry-specific skills and expand their core capabilities. In doing so, thousands of IT workers have gained employment they wouldn’t have otherwise be eligible for had it not been for CBTproxy’s help in getting them qualified certificates.

Why is it so important to be competitive in the tech and IT space?

As is the case with many professional sectors, the competition for graduate roles continues to increase. Long gone are the days when you could rely solely on a tertiary qualification to land you a job, with more and more university graduates struggling to break into the workforce. To give yourself the best opportunity, we recommend to our prospective clients to upskill through relevant certifications and qualifications, available through some of the sector’s most critical vendors.

In your view, what are the top three reasons why IT students and workers should use your platform to upskill?

There are many reasons why our platform is one of the best in the industry. If I were to break it down into the three most important, then they would be as follows:

  1. Pass on your first attempt

This is our top guarantee – you will pass on your first attempt, no matter what examination you sit. If you unexpectedly do not pass the test, then we live up to our promise – you won’t have to pay the fee for your next exam, and we’ll even organise an examination, so you’re better prepared for your next attempt. If you’re a struggling university student strapped for cash, then reach out to our team today for more information on our services.

  1. Our “learn to relax” philosophy

Our approach to teaching is simple – all students need to “learn to relax”. Examination success won’t necessarily come from hours of study and preparation. On the contrary, it is common for many students to overstudy and let their anxiety get the better of them, especially IT certifications, which have a practical component to them. Our staff are cooperative, friendly and approachable, and our grievance guidelines are actionable, efficient and reliable.

  1. Extensive range of certification support

Lastly, we provide our clients with a comprehensive range of support services for their certifications. We have worked with vendors such as CISCO, PMI, F5 Networks, AWS, ITIL, ISACA and CompTIA, so if you need help passing any examinations from them, reach out for assistance!

What would be your personal advice to anyone struggling to pass their IT cert examinations?

My first point of advice would be to reach out to support platform like ours, especially if you have failed the exam a few times. There’s no point adding to your stress and anxiety – shake up your routine and get the support you need to pass.

In my time with CBTproxy, I see a lot of the same problems in candidates and students. One of the most common concerns is overstudying, which can exacerbate your exam stress. Our educators focus on positive reinforcement, effective study habits and stress-reduction techniques since no one should fail an exam due to stress!

You offer a range of packages to your clients. Which is the most popular, and why do you think this is the case?

We offer 5 packages, which are as follows:

  • Solo ($35)
  • Basic ($160)
  • Advanced ($300)
  • Expert ($550)
  • Ultimate ($800)

In my experience with CBTproxy, our most popular packages would be the Basic and Advanced, primarily because of the discounts (8.57% and 14.28%, respectively). These packages are perfectly tailored for candidates in need of extensive help, but who lack the finance for the Expert or Ultimate bundles.

What happens if a customer is dissatisfied with your labs and activities?

On the rare occasion that one of our clients is unhappy with our lab assignments or support services, then we will provide them with a 100% refund. Having said this, we do everything we possibly can to ensure that all our clients are happy with the services provided, meaning dissatisfied customers are a rarity for us.