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Sri Lankan Community in New Zealand were risen by the Newspaper “SriLankaNZ”

Being far away from home can be a troubling affair, especially when you do not have your community right next door. Your home away from home, SriLankaNZ is your number one guide to all the happenings in the Sri Lankan community in New Zealand. Taking in the classic format of the beloved newspaper, their reporters scour for fresh stories right from the scene of the article and straight to your very door.

Covering subjects from rising trends, projects, and celebration of people in the community, this allows you to bond and share each other’s achievements in solidarity. The newspaper was launched in late 2019 online by coveted Harsha Weerakoon and CJ Ekanayake which quickly moved to print after reaching popularity from across Sri Lankan audiences in New Zealand. The co-creators made this with the intention of bridging the gaps between the many small communities between the country. Since then, it has been growing strong as the leading communication space for the community, allowing their readers to connect through culture, shared stories, and a bond over like minded running jokes and quirks in each of their families.

Huddling together to showcase their pride and love for their home country, SriLankaNZ is the best news distributor placing representation of Sri Lankan culture and lifestyle. The paper is organised with a range of news sections from feature articles, current news in the country, arts & entertainment, sports, job opportunities, classifieds, marriage proposals and many other stories to tell. They aim to bringing into the world more stories of their people to ensure that traditions and cultural pride are passed on from their children to their children.

Like the modern-day oral storytelling by the fire, newspapers such as SriLankaNZ is vital to ensure that their values and activities continues thrive into the future. In that way, the younger people of the community do not lose a sense of where they came from, bringing their cultural identity for when they have a home and a family to call their own one day. SriLankaNZ celebrates all the wonderful people, achievements, and stories that create belonging within the Sri Lankan community in New Zealand.

Feel connected with the incredible articles and stories that add to the esteemed narrative of Sri Lankans across the nation, passing on the longstanding cultural values and traditions in order to strengthen current and future relationships between the Sri Lankan community in New Zealand.

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