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Some reasons why you should learn a new instrument

There are many reasons to learn a new instrument. You hear your favorite songs and the instruments that are involved; wouldn’t you want to do that?

Learning a new instrument gives a sense of creative freedom in which you can create whatever you please. It allows you to listen to your favourite tunes and spot how they are creating the instrumentals, and use that to practice and apply to your own creations. Furthermore, you can meet like-minded people in order to combine instruments to create beautiful pieces of music.

The possibilities are endless with instruments, and you have the creative freedom to do what you please.

It’s also an incredible hobby that can keep you busy for years, as you can always learn new things to play and new techniques to utilize in your music.

Whether you’ve never played an instrument, or you’re looking to learn another, here are some reasons why you should learn a new instrument.

Playing an instrument can make you smarter

Many studies have shown a correlation between learning an instrument and success in academics. Learning to play an instrument can help you to improve the brain functions to do with abstract reasoning skills and memory which have a definite effect on certain topics such as mathematics and science.

How playing an instrument benefits your brain - Anita Collins

Learning to read music and use hand-eye coordination in order to create and play pieces will definitely help with brain function and general skills.

Playing an instrument can relieve stress

Music is known to keep you calm during stressful times.

As music has a significant impact on your emotional level and how you feel, playing an instrument can help to keep you calm. Playing along to a favourite slow tune or one of your favorite instrumentals is a good way to get away from everything and just listen to the music. In addition to this, actually playing the song rather than listening will keep your mind and hands busy whilst you actually do something. This helps to keep your mind off the stress and forget the world for a bit while you play some soothing tunes.

Gain a sense of achievement

Learning to play an instrument can be a long and arduous process, however there will be times when you achieve something that you have been wanting to do, and it will feel amazing. That could be finally being able to play a difficult instrumental you’ve been trying to learn for weeks, or maybe that feeling when it all just ‘clicks’ and you realize that you can actually play fairly well.

Regardless of what it is, playing an instrument can really give you a great sense of achievement in various different ways.

Playing an instrument builds your confidence

Playing an instrument builds your confidence

Practicing with an instrument can help you to self-express.

Self-expression in music is nothing new, and has been used as an outlet for artists across the world. After you get to a certain level of proficiency with an instrument, you can start playing for other people. It could start off as just with in front of a few friends, then family and the next thing you know, you could be playing in front of an audience. Maybe that’s not what you want to do, but you could get to that level at some point, and playing the instrument will make you more confident. Moreover, when you reach certain levels of proficiency, you become more confident in your general self, as you have learnt a new skill that you are proficient in, which is something to be confident in.

Practicing with an instrument builds patience

Playing a musical instrument is not easy at first.

There will be times when you are frustrated and you can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong, or you are frustrated by the fact that you know what to do but you keep messing it up. This is completely normal with learning any type of skill, including instruments, and will be a common thing.

However, the positive outcome of this is that you build patience.

In order to be good at what you do, you have to keep practicing over and over. This repetitive cycle of practice is sure to build patience within you, and the only way to get better is to practice. This means you have to build patience regardless to get better. Learning an instrument will make you patient, and you this will be evident after you reach a certain level of proficiency, it is inherent nature of learning an instrument.

Playing an instrument can make you smarter

These are some reasons to learn a new instrument.

It may not be easy at first, but the journey is part of the experience and the end outcome is well worth it. When proficient with an instrument, you open the door to many opportunities that can benefit your life.

Learning a new instrument is well worth it.