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SNAZZY: A small fish in a very big pond!

From early beginnings and throughout 2018 we, as the Founders and Management team at Snazzy, remained resolute in our unswerving determination to continue to develop our offering and in turn, challenge the established ‘Big Players’ in the world of Social Media, by creating new ideas and introducing an App with more features grouped in the App, to bring an altogether better experience for the user, coupled with access to lots more information, entertainment and choices.

The first Beta version of the Snazzy App was launched on Play Store and IOS in November 2018 with minimal advertising due to the budget constraints of a self-funded start up.

Since we did not have large investor funding, we could not launch the product into the market with a great marketing fanfare, so decided to launch it on a fairly low-key basis and test initial user reaction and monitor feedback directly from users into the continuing development process.

Over the ensuing 6 months we had achieved around 150,000 downloads, without any real form of proper advertising, except for posting celeb stories and updates on our own Snazzy App pages on Facebook and Instagram with the goal of raising awareness of the Snazzy App, along with a few small paid google ads in the US.

Within the last 6 months however, Snazzy has undergone something of a Genesis style transformation from a basic App with 1 theme and idea, namely Celeb pages and gossip, to suddenly morph into an all in one, ‘Go-To’ place for anything and everything Celebrity related.

Snazzy still has its original ‘Celeb Fan Gossip’ option allowing Celeb Fans from any country or continent to talk and share directly with each other for the first time on any social media platform without the restriction of user groups, meaning if a celeb has 1M fans on Snazzy, then they can all talk and post directly to each other on the App, something currently not available in this space.

Since the theme of this article is about Partnerships, we can report that new for the latter part of 2019, Snazzy has now incorporated a full and complete Travel and Entertainment solution into the App, meaning users can now book entertainment or concert and Venue tickets directly on the App, along with booking all their flights with all the world’s top Airlines, PLUS Snazzy’s users will also have direct access to over 1M hotels worldwide at member discount prices, which now makes following Celebs to watch them perform at Music or Sporting Events so much easier… AND, all in 1 place, … cool is that?

Select your seat in the Stadium, Theater or Concert Venue, or at an NBA or NFL game, then book your Hotel stay and your return flights, even a car if required… All newly available to our users now, on the latest version of the Snazzy App due for Launch by End of Nov 2019!!

Flights, Hotels and Event tickets, all together…very nice indeed.

Snazzy is also soon to launch its very own Luxury Shopping platform and ‘E’ Commerce addition in the 1st quarter of 2020, giving Celeb fans the opportunity to buy directly, all those items and accessories worn by their Fave Celebs, which was of course the founding idea behind Snazzy, allowing Celeb Fans to identify the Brands worn by their ‘Fave’ celebs and now, to link directly to the Brands and Designer products and fashion manufacturers to be able to buy direct in the Snazzy Store, All without ever having to leave the App..

Big changes indeed for the Snazzy App in the last 12 months based on forging new and carefully selected business partnerships, specifically geared around providing our users and Celeb fans in general who download the Snazzy App, the access to a complete Travel and Entertainment solution.

Snazzy also provides other tools and options to stay bang up to date with the very latest stories going on in the world of Celebrity and to stay constantly updated with all worldwide Celebrity News as it happens dynamically and delivered direct to your mobile phone on demand wherever you are.

Snazzy Media Group Inc, the parent company of the ‘Snazzy App’, is currently in the process of considering opening up its shareholding to accommodate Series ‘A’ Investment during the first quarter of 2020, A big step forward since Snazzy is still 100% owned by the founders.

We predict that with the right partners who will bring expertise in High End Luxury Marketing, Social Media skill-base, Online ‘E’ Commerce knowledge and investment networking opportunities to the table, that Snazzy’s growth potential will be sealed, allowing us to scale up our already proven concept, but now with revenue streams from our new and exciting collaborations and partnerships.

Finding the right intermediary and ultimately the right longer-term investment partner is going to be key to our future growth and it is my clear intention to be very selective about who we partner with going forward, so I say, “let the challenge begin”

The Snazzy-App is available on the App Store and Play Store.