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How SkyTNT Technologies Changes Everything With A Zeppelin

SkyTNT Technologies is one of the many examples of technology companies stepping up and innovating in ways that were once thought to be impossible. Scientific discovery and innovation can be an overwhelming exercise in modern contexts, with so many potential avenues to build toward, it can often become a beast that is too difficult to tame.

SkyTNT not only tackles this concept efficiently, but also ethically, being the harbinger of positive innovation is no small feat. Funnily enough, the technology company has used the means of the past to enhance the future, all with renewable energy, forward-thinking upgrades, and a zeppelin.


SkyTNT TechnologiesCrypto & Beyond

SkyTNT Technologies Tokens (TNT) are available now on PancakeSwap. The company is innovation manifested in so many ways, from their multiple types of Zeppelin tech on display all the way to their blockchain subsidiary which is on the Cryptocurrency marketplace.

Yes, SkyTNT Technologies is certainly on its way to bigger and better things, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

SkyTNT Technologies

SkyTNT Technologies is based in Montreal, Canada and is the brainchild of founder Mohamed  Dhiaeddine Messaoudi. The Ph.D student from the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi has over a decade of experience in the IT industry and has no end of experience with startups.

The Concepts Behind Them

SkyTNT Technologies was founded on the principle of changing the world for the better, making it ever more connected and forging a stronger and more unified technology front. A ‘smart’ planet so to speak, utilizing the very best nature of IoT (Internet of Things) and AI, the company is not simply full of rhetoric and happenstance.

Through the use of renewable energy to power their solutions, their aim to go streamline and allow data channels to be more effectively strategized and focused toward specific solutions.

The way they do this is through Zeppelins/Blimps. You may recall seeing them at sporting events with a tyre brand brandished on the side or in old stock footage of the Hindenburg, it’s come a long way since then.

The over cumbersome size of the older models are done away with thanks to SkyTNT who have developed smaller and more cost-effective versions of these blimps, powered by renewables and capable of the same functions as a typical satellite.

SkyTNT Technologies Tokens (TNT) a

Potential Endgames

With the proper utilization, the SkyTNT Technologies Advanced Zeppelins will be able to achieve a world of good for several industries, from security to transportation, forecasting, marketing, e-health etc.


The ability for AI enhanced Zeppelins to detect and stream incoming potential threats seamlessly to proper authorities is already an enticing and peculiar thought. Law enforcement agencies and security teams due to their longer-lasting power times thanks to the solar paneling that comes attached, effectively making them more powerful than drones.


The Advanced Zeppelins also carry immeasurable potential benefits that reside in the ability to monito traffic issues in real-time. Real reporting and monitoring are easier, quicker and with the help of AI, smarter than ever before.


The ability to monitor weather real-time with the aid of AI and from a clean energy standpoint is incredibly alluring. With forecasting and more advanced tracking software being implemented by the AI and technicians, the degree of precision that can be achieved is immeasurably increased.

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