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Shincheonji Church of Jesus hosts an online prayer event on 11/15 for the third time

An event to pray for COVID-19 to end is to be held ahead of the group plasma donation by 4,000 members

Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Chairman Lee Man-hee, “Shincheonji”) will host an online prayer event for the government, medical personnel, patients, families of the deceased, and the citizens, for the global COVID-19 pandemic to end as the government is putting in all its effort to contain the virus.

Shincheonji Church of Jesus stated that it will conduct “the 3rd Global Prayer Service of Religious People” on November 15th, and proposed every person of faith with a willing heart to participate. This prayer event will be broadcast live on Shincheonji Church of Jesus’ official YouTube channel at 3 PM that day, with the participation of the entire congregation from in and out of Korea. Any person of faith from around the world who wishes for COVID-19 to end is welcome to join the event.

Taking place ahead of Shincheonji’s group plasma donation by 4,000 of its members who fully recovered from COVID-19, the event has been prepared by the suggestion of Chairman Lee Man-hee to pray for an effective and quick development of a vaccine and for the global pandemic to end. The event is especially meaningful that it transcends different denominations and religions to take charge in overcoming this crisis in the midst of the pandemic.

Chairman Lee proposed the online prayer event by saying, “Too many people are suffering because of COVID-19, especially with those who were infected in church last February that caused distress to the members and the citizens. We should actively put in our effort and pray to God for the country, the people, and for the pandemic to end. I urge every person of faith around the world to also gather their hearts and pray so the whole world can come out of the suffering caused by this plague.”

Chairman Lee also emphasized, “Even as the church shutdown orders are lifted, the church should not conduct services or meetings with many participants to prevent the members from contracting COVID-19. We must disinfect and care for the members’ health by preparing non-contact thermometers and other necessities.”

In every service starting last February when COVID-19 began to spread, Shincheonji Church of Jesus has been setting aside a prayer time to pray for the pandemic to end and for the health and safety of the government health officials, medical staff, and patients.

A member of Shincheonji Church of Jesus said, “Ahead of the third group plasma donation in which 4,000 fully recovered members are planning to participate, we are praying all together for a quick vaccine development and for COVID-19 to end. We will do everything we can and act responsibly until the pandemic ends.”

Note: Please be advised without misunderstanding that every Shincheonji Church in Korea has been conducting services online remotely since February 18th.