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Shahbaz Choudhry’s enduring journey: An Allegory of positive mindset

Shahbaz Choudhry is a fast bowling coach , the author of The Book of Pace and a business associate of Tymal Mills.

6’4 in height, Shahbaz Choudhry has always been seriously obsessed with the whole element of speed and wanted to make that his identity. Being a fast bowler was not only a want but a strong desire, a passion, a thirst which he certainly quenched with practice, performance and perseverance.

Throughout his journey he never failed to accept challenges and turn them into opportunities. The early phases of his career started from district trials to the Berkshire county squad, to Middlesex County Cricket Club followed by the signing by Northamptonshire Academy. Known by and for his fast bowling skill, Shahbaz Choudhry now serves over 100,000 cricketers and coaches on-field and off-field via his platform, Pace Journal.

The extent of his influence is a thing that he earned and was not given by chance, as they say. In 2009, when he signed his first professional contract with Northamptonshire CCC, he had to face quite turbulent situations. But the way he evolved from them with greater physical and mental power is what makes him unique. Although he always bowled fast, he claims that he doesn’t think his technique or fitness was that great. His speed came from his desire to bowl fast but after discovering that there is a science to fast bowling, he went on an incredible journey to learn the fine details of the biomechanics of fast bowling and how to prepare an athlete to be at their fittest and fastest. It helped him increase his speed. But, lack of proper guidance led to adverse situations. In December 2009, he was being penciled in as a potential first team bowler to play first class cricket for Northamptonshire CCC and by the summer of 2010, he had lost his contract with them because of his over ambitious nature. In order to dive deep into the science of fast bowling he actually lost his original ability to bowl.

The time period between 2012 to 2017 was his transition which gave momentum to his journey. Not only did he regain his bowling ability but also decided to give back to the worldwide fast bowling community. He came up with the idea of Pace Journal where he brings forth the experiences and stories of the most prominent cricketers across the globe. Being aware of the reason behind the launch of Pace Journal (proper guidance for other cricketers), he reached out to international cricket star, Tymal Mills who then decided to boost its growth by making his permanent presence as a business associate alongside Shahbaz Choudhry at Pace Journal.

“Unless you hear something from someone with authority, you don’t always take information seriously”. This fact led Shahbaz to come up with the thought of asking important questions about bowling technique, working on speed and developing as a player to bowlers who had been there and done it, in hope that people would take his warnings more seriously as it would be backed by someone credible too. So, he interviewed some big names like Ishant Sharma, Tino Best, Mark Wood, Tymal Mills, Jofra Archer, Saqib Mahmood, Lockie Ferguson and last but not the least Kylie Jamieson and created his platform with the idea of timeless content.

Besides Pace Journal, Shahbaz Choudhry has also invested his time in creating timeless guidance and support for cricketers. His book, ‘The Book Of Pace’ has been giving a push to all those fast bowlers and coaches who strive to excel in their career and development. His anthem, ‘Keep Balanced’, bagging lakhs of organic traffic is being played on loop by his all-ear listeners. Shahbaz Choudhry firmly believes in giving to the world. Driven by his passion for fast bowling and his love for his fellow cricketers, Shahbaz has been walking on the path of success and has never looked back again.