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Senior Vice President of FlashCloud Intelligence Group Nina Zhao On Sales and Marketing Intelligence

Nina Zhao and the team at FlashCloud Intelligence Group are changing the way we look at sales and marketing. Their innovative platform FlashCloud Sales Intelligence has already garnered tremendous support and reception from some of the biggest pundits in the B2B industry, and they’re just getting started. Utilizing artificial intelligence, the company identifies new opportunities, garners relevant connections, lightens the load, and improves engagement across the board.

Nina Zhao is the SVP of the company and took some time to talk a bit about FlashCloud Intelligence Group, the changing landscape of marketing, and the utilization of artificial intelligence to enhance client and company experiences.

Hello Nina, thank you for taking the time to talk with us today, let’s start with you telling us a little about what FlashCloud Intelligence is all about.

Hello and thanks for having me! Well, to put it simply, FlashCloud Sales Intelligence is a one-stop consolidated solution for sales intelligence and engagement for the B2B space. The fundamental appeal is that we use industry-leading technologies to empower businesses to expand in an increasingly competitive market space.

FlashCloud Intelligence Group Nina Zhao

We have a database of over 500,000,000 contacts in over 170,000,000 enterprises around the world. Our FlashInfo function for example provides advanced search results with precision based on geographical, operational, financial, and industrial components.

What role does artificial intelligence play in modern marketing and sales practices?

AI has a wonderfully nuanced role to play in the marketing field, and there is already data coming out showing increased productivity and sales capability across the board with smart integration. AI can assist with data analytics and consolidation with predictable sales pipelines that can understand consumer behaviour and identify potential cross-sale and upselling opportunities based on real-time data and impressive analytical power.

Automation also has a role to play with AI integration as some of the more tedious jobs that typically take time away from focusing on expansion can be automated – this includes tasks such as generating leads and prospecting. This allows humans to focus on more creative strategic deployment while still gathering relevant and useful connections automatically.

FlashCloud Intelligence Group Nina Zhao

Does artificial intelligence pose a threat to the jobs of current marketers?

Artificial Intelligence has been cast as one of those boogeymen in a number of industries, this image is typically forwarded by people who don’t seem to grasp the immense benefit that can be derived from the proper utilization of AI. When we say we are implementing a smarter marketing solution, we’re not denying the vital importance that our eclectic minds provide to business strategy. AI simply lightens the load and allows more time for creative consideration and strategic executions.

I notice you have a few products on offer as part of the FlashCloud platform, can you explain how they work together to create FlashCloud Sales Intelligence?

Sure! We can split the platform into 3 equally important components – FlashAI, FlashInfo, and FlashClick. FlashAI refers to our engagement component and is comprised of Artificial Intelligence protocols for sales and engagement optimization. The Human + AI collaboration mode has allowed more prominent engagement to be ascertained while reducing labour costs and customer retention.

FlashInfo refers to our discovery component of the business. The platform is comprised of a global database with prospects in over 237 countries and a more enhanced prospect filter to discern favorable leads efficiently and effectively.

FlashClick is our enablement component which is essentially a PRM to run your own affiliate network. Relationship and branding management is intuitively incorporated into this component with the FlashClick marketplace that connects marketers and brands with relevant connections.

I have read that you utilize Chatbots or Talkbots as part of the FlashAI component of the platform, what advantage do these systems have over a human-based sales team?

As I mentioned earlier, the future of success in marketing is based on the hybrid relationship with AI and humans. Take an AI sales team for instance, there are a number of Talkbots and Chatbots that are used across the industries already, these interactive agents simply assist with providing more customers with solutions and give salespeople more time to finesse and focus on expansion tactics.

FlashCloud Intelligence Group Nina Zhao

Our interactive agents have conducted millions of real-life conversations already and have also assisted sales teams with closing deals, identifying opportunities, as well as providing bespoke analytical advice on the right approach to take.

What’s next for FlashCloud Sales Intelligence?

Simply put, expansion. We’re already cultivating one of the largest networks in history and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. As we progress and grow as a business, we’re hoping to see more markets take advantage of the future of marketing with us. Plus, as technology becomes more innovative, we’re going to be integrating however we can to continue making our platform the industry leader.

Thank you Nina for your time!

You can follow up with Nina Zhao at or follow FlashCloud Intelligence on LinkedIn here.