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Secure Your Data from Ominous Parties with Simcrypted

Jack Flanagan, CEO and co-founder of Simcrypted, has a deep passion for helping people to protect their private data. In this day and age, large corporations can see everything that we do online and even sell this information to third parties. Your mobile phone number is often an easy point of access for them to find out any information about you. Simcrypted generates encrypted local and international phone numbers unconnected to any of your personal details. They are purposely designed to work across some of the worlds largest messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, WeChat, Clubhouse, and more without the inherent risks your personal mobile number brings. This service is revolutionizing the ways in which we can prevent ominous parties from collecting our private information.

Hi Jack, thanks for speaking with us. Can you give us a bit of background on yourself to begin?

Hi thanks for having me. My name is Jack Flanagan and I am the CEO and co-founder of Simcrypted. After spending many years in tech startups and telecommunications, I’m very passionate about helping people take control of their data as I am aware of how difficult this can be considering how much of your data is scattered across websites and apps. I hope to build a future where people can regain control of what they do online and not be forced to succumb to large corporations who want to monetize and own your private information.

What inspired you to co-found your business Simcrypted?

It is no secret that corporations are able to track your digital footprint. In recent times, the reality of this has become far more apparent to users and many are uncomfortable knowing that these corporations do this. Knowing that your private data is stored and shared with other parties is terrifying, Simcrypted was built to change this. With our services, customers can regain control of their digital identity. This is something that the Simcrypted team is very passionate about delivering.

Can you tell us about Simcrypted and what it does?

To use messaging apps, giving access and sharing your mobile number is often required. Most of us feel that we have no choice but to give our phone numbers to these corporations. If you are unwilling to give this private information up, Simcrypted can help. Simcrypted provides secure phone numbers for you to use across all of the world’s largest messaging apps. It’s easy to activate and to verify, and it is a simple yet innovative way to use messaging apps without giving the corporations behind them access to all your personal data.

Why is this service so important now and into the future?

There are many cases coming to light in recent times of corporations misusing our personal data or sharing it with third party companies that we are not aware of. We are well and truly entering a time when nothing that we do online is private. At Simcrypted, we believe that people have a right to privacy and hope to provide our customers with this privacy.

What can people expect with your services?

With Simcrypted, you can expect 100% in-app security of your identity online. The only piece of information we ask for is your email address (and that’s only for billing or service info). You can also pay with a range of cryptocurrencies, adding to our passion to protecting your privacy. Your mobile number links you to so much personal information such as addresses, bank accounts, and more. We will protect you from unwittingly giving companies access to this information. Our services are incredibly easy to use and utilize the best security methods so that you can remain safe from Big Tech companies or from hackers.

Who is appropriate for your services?

Anybody who cares about their privacy is appropriate for our services. While everyday people are definitely key customers for us, our services are also ideal for public figures, social media influencers, law enforcement agents, journalists, companies, and more. If you are dealing with sensitive information in messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, WeChat, or more, Simcrypted is ideal for protecting you further beyond their in-app encryption. For your safety and security, it is essential to guard pieces of your private information that could help third parties identify you and then sell your data for advertising, tracking and more.

Finally, do you have any general advice for people who want to secure their data?

In general, the best thing that you can do is to be aware. Be aware of both what corporations are doing with your data and how you can prevent them from doing this. The more conscious you are of the way your data is being used online, the more you can implement exemplary strategies for preventing data theft.

Thank you Jack for your time!
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