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Scott Ma talks about growing his ecommerce glasses store

Scott Ma is the founder of Glasses Shop, an ecommerce storefront that sells a wide range of high-quality prescription glasses and sunglasses. The shop boasts many of the latest trends in eyewear fashion and also sells specialty lenses such as ones that reduce the level of blue light from devices like smartphones and laptops.

Scott answered some questions about his business.

How did you get started with Glasses Shop?

I used to buy eyeglasses from my eye doctor, but my prescription is heavy and sometimes it can cost me around $1000. From then on, I started looking for more affordable eyeglasses. I talked to my friend and he thought it was a good idea, so we went to find a factory to set up the business relationship, then we had Glasses Shop.

What were some early challenges in getting the shop established?

We didn’t have any experience of running websites before, so we have difficulties with finding new customers and promoting our brand. The order volume was very small in beginning – we could only be patient and learn from other websites.

What were some of the early marketing methods you used?

First, we tried to put advertisements in various channels, such as Google, Bing, Facebook, etc. as they are our main customer source channels. Later we began to look for influencers on Instagram and YouTube. We gave them exclusive coupon codes to promote our brand and attract their followers to follow our account.

What are your favourite styles of glasses?

Everyone suits different styles of glasses, but I think the most important thing is to match our character and outfit. I am a big fan of retro fashion, so my favourite is cat eye glasses which are hottest on our website as well.

Glasses Shop also sells blue blocker lenses – what are they?

When using computers, televisions, laptops, tablets and smart phones for long periods of time, it is coming to experience eye strain, headaches, sleeplessness or even blurred vision. Some of these symptoms could be the overexposure to high-energy blue light. Blue blocker lenses help to reduce exposure to harmful blue light emitted from digital devices and protect our eyes.

What’s next for Glasses Shop?

We have some stable customer groups, but we are thinking about how to get more young customers follow us. We are trying to find latest glasses styles and keep up with fashion trends, we want to make our brand characteristics more distinctive.