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Satish Gaire On What Makes A Good Entrepreneur

In this short condensed version of our conversation on Collision Conference. We were granted an opportunity to get close with the “software mogul”,  Satish Gaire, on what he thinks makes a good entrepreneur.

Little Background, Satish Gaire operates popular software companies such as DirectPay Podmio,  LicenseEngine etc.

#1. Satish,  so if you had to pick one quality of an real entrepreneur,  what would it be?

These days everyone is an  “wantrepreneur”, everyone got ideas to make their next billion dollar but they don’t take action. The biggest quality of a good entrepreneur is that they actually take action. They actually go from napkin to actually getting it done.

“ Just get it started,  you don’t need to register a fancy LLC or print business cards. Just see if people are willing to pay the money for your product & once you do that, you have just validated your idea.  You can register your LLC after that”

#2. So, do you have a certain routine like other entrepreneur who have already made it?

I don’t want to labeled an entrepreneur who has already “made it”  because  I am not even at 10% of where i want to be at,  but i don’t have any special “routines” that a lot of of people are obsessed about.

To be honest,  you don’t need to follow someone else’s crazy routine like waking up at 4 am to work. Do what works for you & be consistent about it.

“Early bird does get the worm,  but maybe i want to wake up for lunch? “ Isn’t that the purpose of being “ your own boss”?   haha

For example, I don’t  use an alarm to wake up & that means sometimes i wake up late & that’s okay. I get what i need to get done for the day & i won’t go to bed till i get it done.

#3. What’s one thing people should know before they get into becoming an entrepreneur? 

Running companies or startups is nothing like the  “Silicon Valley” show. No idea where people get the idea that being an entrepreneur is all about flying in jets & doing deals with celebrity girls. (maybe sometimes?)

What you see in Movies & shows doesn’t portray what we have to go though in our day to day life. We have limited time for our family & SO. We are ALWAYS working. We don’t have a day off.

My day off is when i work from home in front of my tv with my laptop and phone and only thing i remember about tv is the rolling credits at the end.

Being an entrepreneur is not good for everyone, if you want an easy life,  go become a doctor, engineer or lawyer. You will make good money and it’s pretty much guaranteed. You will go to grave with very few scars and wounds.

But if you are consistent toward your goals,  you will have a much more fulfilling life than anyone else you know. You will get to meet and work with  the brightest minds in the planet.  You will see and experience things that very few people do in their lifetime.