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Sam Jones and C. Williamson of LonnoL talk about providing in-vitro COVID test kits to help stop the spread

Sam Jones and C. Williamson are the founders of Lonnol Life over Nature-Nature over Life. The business has always been concerned with providing health products, but they have changed their focus to helping combat COVID-19 by providing masks, gloves, and in-vitro testing kits that provide quick results to help people self-isolate faster.

They were able to take some time to answer a few questions.

Hi Sam Jones and C. Williamson, how did you each get started with Lonnol Life over Nature-Nature over Life?

We started Lonnol from a saying that we used to say about life and Nature being one and the same. The name is a palindrome word and thats a spiritual stat.  Lonnol is really a company seeking natural help to all of life’s problems that may look very hard.

To tackle or accomplish. Although hard to conquer, we make it correct with an easy solution to it all.

We have 3 sites for problem solving: for covid products masks etc., for Self Help and online biz, also for dieting health, natural remedies and exercise.

So solving life problems with ease or in a peaceful natural environmental state… That’s Lonnol Life over Nature-Nature over Life.

What products did you sell before the COIVID pandemic changed your focus?

We always were involved in the health field. We both were very obese and overweight, and we focused on healthy foods and the best diet plans that we could find for our situation. After we met  with success finding the appropriate foods, and sheading our suggested weight loss goals, we started Lonnol and began to hold weight loss and self-help groups in our community and abroad. We also started to help people understand spiritual energies and the power of mental persuasion. That’s a very essential part of any diet or plan for personal improvement. Before the pandemic, we were selling memberships at our gym. We were trainers, but when the disease hit, we knew we had to take our show on the road to NYC. The head of the pandemic… We immediately went to our families home, who are all essential medical workers. So we volunteered our help while we made side money from selling masks on one of our sites to survive. It’s getting better, but it was hard times very sad to see …

What products do you offer to people to help them protect against COVID?

Well, we actually have good summer masks that are very light but effective. All masks come with a pair of gloves. Yup, we still have the” just in case gloves”. We also have in-vitro test kits—the fast kind not the nose swabs.

Can you tell us about the SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) Rapid Test Kit that you sell?

Sure, they are in-vitro test kits. The kits are cassette sized you puncture your finger, use your blood dropper to squeeze up a drop or two and put it in the cassette opening. Then you put two drops of diluter. You wait 10-15 mins, and it lets you know if you’ve been exposed or not…We are the sales rep for the manufacturing company, and we provide them to lab qualified individuals. We were selling a lot, but they give testing for free everywhere now.

What are the best things people can do to protect themselves and their families from COVID?

From what I’ve seen staying in the Apple its not good. The safest thing to do is to stay inside. Buy food, get a good diet regimen and try to focus on your health. We have good diet plans on our sites and Also, stay with your herbal regimens to keep immunity at its peak. Nothing beats your herbs. That’s what they make pharmaceutical drugs from. So why even deal with pharmaceuticals. Go straight to the herbal source.

What do you think are the lessons that the pandemic is teaching society?

There are a lot of lessons to be learned in this situation. One of the biggest lessons is not to take things for granted. We live in a society that’s not guaranteed. We always have to be prepared for the worst. We have to be willing to go without food, water, electricity, gas, phone, car, house, all these things we have to know how to get for ourselves without the help of others. If you can manage to overcome that great obstacle, You described it to the tee… That’s Lonnol Life over Nature-Nature over Life.


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