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Robert Sirianni from Brownstone Law talks about his focus on civil and criminal Federal court appeals

Robert L. Sirianni is the president and managing partner for Brownstone Law, a law firm with locations in Washington D.C., Texas, Georgia and Florida that is 100% focused on appellate representation. Robert is an experienced expert when it comes to assisting his clients in federal and state court appeals, and he is licensed in every federal court of appeal across the United States.

Robert took some time to answer a few questions about his firm and its specialty focus on appellate representation.

Robert, when did you start Brownstone Law and where did you work before starting the practice?

We started in 2006. The practice consists of appeals, post convictions, and civil and criminal appeals in all federal courts throughout the United States.

What was the reason for specializing in appeals in federal courts?

Appeals are complex, and Federal appeals involve issues that concern the entire country. Many people can be impacted by a decision from a federal appellate court.  Federal appeals also involve interesting legal issues. Many of the appeals we handle in federal court take months or years to complete.

Within appeals, what type of services do you typically provide your clients?

Most of the appeals are either civil or criminal. For civil appeals we handle business disputes, contract appeals, shareholder appeals, and family law appellate matters. For criminal appeals our firm handles drug appeals, felony issues, and any type of post-conviction or habeas corpus petition to exonerate a client.

What does an appeal process look like?

Appeals are highly technical. Once a notice of appeal is filed, we wait for the record on appeal or transcripts of the lower court case.  We normally handle appeals anywhere from a 1-day trial up to 3-month trial.  After the record is transcribed, we file an initial brief which discusses all the legal errors that occurred in the trial court below.

How do you differentiate your legal counsel from other lawyers, and why should people want you to represent them?

Appeals are our specialty. Not many lawyers only handle appeals. Our firm is unique in that we have filed over 3000 appeal cases all over the nation in about 35 states. We have a great level of experience when it comes to knowing the different areas of law to appeal.

Do you expect the legal landscape to change significantly over the next few years, regarding the appeal process?

Yes. I expect better e-filing systems, as well as more accurate record keeping from the trial courts.  We also expect better virtual access to court documents and records.  Most cases are shifting to entirely e-filing/electronic formats.

Robert thank you for your time!
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