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Richard Lee Armstrong, the owner of Highlight Realty Network Commercial Real Estate

Richard Lee Armstrong talks about leasing commercial real estate

Richard Lee Armstrong is an experienced real estate agent based in Palm Beach County, Florida and the owner of Highlight Realty Network Commercial Real Estate, specializing in commercial leases for office towers that provide comfortable and functional workspaces.

Richard was able to take some time to answer a few questions.

Richard, prior to starting Highlight Realty Network Commercial Real Estate, what line of work were you in?

Answer: Automotive for 30 years.

When did you start Highlight Realty Network Commercial Real Estate and what was the main mission?

Answer: 2008 I started, and my mission was to create a flow of clients that fill building.

Were there any initial challenges you faced when establishing the business?

Answer: Yes, 2008 was the crash of the real estate market.

What is your area of service? In which locations do you offer leasing properties?

Answer: I offer Leasing and sales of commercial real estate in 13 cities of Palm Beach County.

But I do some in Broward.

What type of customers generally come to you in need of real estate assistance?

Answer: Businesspeople, startups, and companies that are opening nationwide.

In your experiences, what is the most common mistake made by customers when leasing an office?

Answer: If you work for someone and you want to start your own its not the same owners have been through the college of hard knocks were a worker has not yet. Or a large company opening too many too fast and they have only have less than 10 locations Not everyone has experience of opening 5000 locations.

What would be your advice to someone trying to lease their office in the current economic climate?

Answer: Be sure you have money to run even if you don’t have any business, don’t grow too fast.

Its easy to fall on your face run your business for 2 years before opening more not 3 months you have to let the business go thru highs and lows first.

What are your future plans for Highlight Realty Network Commercial Real Estate and how will you hope to achieve them?

Answer: I would love to make commercial real estate click and buy and click and lease.

We are doing what we can to make things easier like using DocuSign for letters of intent and signing contracts.

Thank you Richard for your time!
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